Brunch-fest of Champions


                   Cafer Racer and a Fulton for Brunch, best way to start off the day! Got to finally try Racer’s Carrot Souffle, which ends up as this mound of awesomely chewy cheese (if you’ve ever had those parmesan “crisps,” it’s like that but thicker) and delicious sweet carrots. The chicken was a bit drier than their pork, but considering they only use the breast meat it’s to be expected; the flavor is still really good and awesome though, and that’s before mixing everything together (and thank you god they’re topping it with all their sauces now, AND the crispy fried strip things!). As for the beer, Fulton’s seasonal Libertine (Imperial Red Ale), quite the tasty fella, and strong of course… took me a bit of a walk to recover, but worth it.