The Harvest Grill (Quasi-Review)

                There’s something I have to admit to. Despite my many original claims over a dedication to hit every single Food Truck out there, I have come to find there to be certain trucks that, for some reason, I just can’t find any urge to want to write about, let alone visit. This isn’t the Event Truck concept I mentioned earlier (well, maybe a bit with some of them); these are all fully separate Food Trucks which I have avoided cast my own shadow over to better give myself reasons to not actually visit and review them.

                As much as I would like to say, this problem lies not with the Trucks themselves but with myself; I am unfulfilling a certain promise I made due to my own bias over these businesses which don’t excite me. It is an unfair practice on my part, but at the same time it IS how I feel, and though I will never offer a full, complete review on some of these Trucks, I shall still try to fulfill my claims to at least offer a “quasi” review on them whenever I can.


                One of these places I’ve found to avoid, and the first to experience this small review (besides that one Ice truck) is The Harvest Grill. Based on a restaurant in Rogers which has spread to a couple other cities, not to mention the streets.

                I actually give these guys a lot of props for one thing; despite being Restaurant-based, the Truck focuses on the one part of the menu best suited to the Street, Wraps. But though I like the idea of doing wraps for the street, and still think we need a good Wrap-based Truck (sorry, Burritos don’t count… they just don’t… stop looking at me!), this just isn’t where it’s found.


                Almost everything is based off chicken, with a couple Porks, the only thing seemingly separating them being different veggie combos with the random “special sauce” or other intrigue (the one with Lingonberry Cream Cheese looks interesting). I myself tried the Thai Chicken, though I don’t really think one should be allowed to label it “Thai” if its only element is Peanut Sauce. I mean the rest just tasted like one of those wraps you pick up at Target or other random store or restaurant, maybe a bit better, bit crisper veggies; but not much real effort put in. The chicken just had that soft, sorta “spongy” (I’m not really sure the actual word to describe it; but when you have cold chicken in average or under quality wraps you know what I mean) texture.


                If I WERE to rate this like other reviews, it would probably end up sorta like this:

                Food: 5-ish – maybe a bit under, it was fine but not exciting. Maybe others are better.

                Holdability: 8 – wraps are great for walking, but they cut in half and put in a basket so this potential is cut down.

                Speed: 9 – pretty damn fast, all they have to do is wrap things up. I mean I had to wait a bit because apparently they ran out of lettuce, but that has nothing to do with production.

                Price: 7.5-ish – they’re all $7, though it’s a quality that barely fits.

                TOE: 3-5 – though I admit my own fault and bias in not reviewing, part of this has to also be from the actual truck itself and the inability to really draw me in.


                Well, I think that’s about all I have to say on the matter. With this new mindset into those which I don’t normally go to, I can at least promise from here out coming “Quasi Reviews” on some of the few places I have yet to report on. So look forward to Stanley’s, She Royal, and other such locations along with my Full listings on Newer and other Trucks.