Panini Pinups

Main Location: St Paul, Etc

Generally speaking, it feels like most trucks, when they don’t have a specific food theme or culinary style to them, automatically turn to one of two menu focuses, if not both: Tacos and Sandwiches/Burgers. Sometimes this is done well, simply using it as a package for their unique and delicious flavors, while others I swear just feel like an answer to a question. “Okay we’re doing a food truck, what should we put on it?” “Uhh, sandwiches.” “What kind?” “Let’s just do good ones and it’ll be fine; we’ll get a burger on and people will buy that too.” Which sadly sort of works, but I’ve always felt a lack of that distinctive personality note to them, like what’s found on Filius or O’Cheeze.

So turning all your sandwiches into something simple like, say, Paninis definitely comes through as a plus in my book. Which, obviously, is what Panini Pinup has come to do. After having to work under other chefs for years on end, the owner of this new truck decided to set out and be his own boss for once to succeed, offering up a few classic sandwich options from their steel grey contraption, all pressed tight between two hot grates.

Besides offering up their versions of a Chicken Club and Cuban, one can also find a fully vegetarian Mediterranean featuring hummus, feta, and olives. Then there’s the Spam, classically bedecked in American cheese and bedecked with pineapple or tomato as one prefers. Or, for the simpler tastes seeking just something crispy and gooey, a Grilled Cheese.


They do also sell a couple interesting drinks of note, often as great compliments when they stop at sports and high school events. There’s cold-brewed High Brew Coffee in cans, interesting and tasty-looking, and apparently a locally-made Sports Drink called ASPIRE. I was almost tempted to try one if I didn’t have so many other street edibles that needed buying that day!

Food: 7.5

                The best part of a Panini is the crust, and these definitely have that; thickly developed, compressed, crunchy, with those great sorta-butter toasted flavors we look for; for some reason I had expected a flat pressed griddle for it, but the grooved grill-style really makes these sandwich breads into something nice and happy.

My own ramblings brought me first to the Spam, Hawaiian style with Pineapple, and the Cuban. The former of which seemed to take advantage of that refrigerator grilled meat+cheese sandwich flavors I so enjoy at lunch. The pineapple itself, despite the thick pieces of it, didn’t seem to ruin things as it’s likely to do, the flavor was certainly fine. That said it didn’t excite me either, was just ‘pineapple and spam,’ overall the flavors didn’t have any distinctive notes that really make me crave a re-order. It could have, there’s supposedly a Sriacha-Mayonnaise on there, but one can barely taste it; they need more of that flavor here to distinctly contrast with the pineapple and boost the generic canned meat and cheese flavors. Still enjoyed the flavors, but it could distinctly be better.


The Cuban was given a similar choice in a garnish; regular mustard or jalapeno, both of which came from a certain yellow bottle. Of course I went jalapeno, you need SOME of that in a proper Cuban. Overall the flavors were good, in fact probably a touch better since you got more of the contrast from the tangy-sweet-spicy mustard, briny pickles, and that uniquely swiss cheese; but as Cubans go it didn’t stand out TOO strong. And part of this is from a particularly interesting choice they seemed to make. So, besides some Ham slices, the only other meat they put in there was… Chicken. White meat chicken, chopped up… where the hell is the pulled pork? There’s a REASON Cubans use some sort of slow-roasted pork along with some OTHER pork product, and that’s because it’s delicious and one can still taste it alongside those other strong flavors. Instead they chose a rather flavorless chicken… which I’m not even sure if they cooked themselves; they might have, but who knows.

Because besides that chicken, IF it didn’t come pre-cooked, it feels the only things they would have actually prepared are a couple of the sauces, cooking bacon for the Club, and then just cutting things up. There seems to be very little self-produced, transformed items being used on this truck; which is a great strategy when trying to reduce the time and cost of prep and production, but at the same time it results in the reason for why neither of these sandwiches had SUCH a strong impression on me and my taste buds as I’ve found at plenty other trucks in the cities.

Oh, and the Cuban didn’t get heated ALL the way through too; when touched, parts of the chicken were still cool. Something to note, though I think it’s only a POTENTIAL consequence for the Cuban and Club sandwiches; the others aren’t as thickly stuffed.


Holdability: 6

               I was rather disappointed here; though, I should start out and premise by saying that we find something that’s not really messy, and IS easy to eat; two hands are required, it being served in basket and all, but can initially walk around with. That said, the real strength of paninis as street food is that firm, crunchy seal that holds everything together in one tight package, a monumental barrier that coils around its captives like iron chains. And where the bread is prepared and cooked in a way that makes this possible… they built the sandwich wrong, lubing up the chains and making them slip.

To put simply, on both of these sandwiches, the very top layer underneath the bread ended up as thick slices of something wet; pineapple for the Spam, Pickles for the Cuban. This ended up having the top piece of bread move around more, leading to some fillings falling out or other interesting instances. And that’s annoying, because it shouldn’t be happening at all, and shouldn’t have even been an issue. All they’d need to do is put a piece of cheese, a lot of mayo, or some other adhering layer between these and the bread, or just have them sliced much thinner so they end up actually melding and not disturbing the sandwich mechanics; a very important thing you know.

And I do want to get this off my chest, part of me does rather wish they did something like those longer hoagie/sub/Cuban rolls for the bread instead of the wide flat sandwich bread. Part of me just envisions that more for paninis, I feel it’d probably help keep things locked down better, and they can be just wrapped in paper and eaten with one hand; though these could too if they weren’t cut in half. But that’s a personal preference, there’s little wrong with their choice of style, just execution.


Price: 7.5

                8 dollars across the board except for a plain Grilled Cheese, which comes in at 6. Simple basic prices for this kind of menu.

Speed: 6.5

The wait may perhaps be about average like the other trucks, but I feel it’s taking longer than it should as they not-so-quickly assemble each sandwich to order, dab both sides with melted butter, and have to wait minutes to then be pressed and grilled. This sort of item can and should be pre-, or mostly pre-, assembled so it can be quick-finished and popped in that hot, heavy plate and done like a couple minutes after the order is heard or seen.


The TOE: 7.5

                Overall the design, theme idea, and menu look/feeling is a rather good start, they’ve capitalized on a truck that can hit distinctly in our minds, they just need to work on it more. The truck is still a bit bare I think, the menu either needs more or just BETTER and creative/interesting options that are clearly filled with things they made themselves, and maybe serve the paninis partially with a foil/paper cozy instead of in a basket so they can be taken and gone in an interesting fashion. Just put all alone in a basket is just… boring.

Tally: 35/50

Final Thoughts

You know, currently, I think the best approach option to this truck is to simply get a Grilled Cheese; it’ll be made quicker, capitalizes on all the positive aspects with little risk of encountering the not-so-great things, and of course comes a bit cheaper. The Spam makes for a nice Grilled Cheese + fun meat option, I’d probably try getting it with the tomato in hopes the top slice won’t slide around so much; plus it tastes better with the American cheese I’m sure. And finally, I say this last as I haven’t tried it yet and can’t put any positive opinion both good or bad, I would assume the best actual ‘panini experience’ would come with the Chicken Club. Their particular chicken doesn’t thrill me, but it has bacon and should hopefully be able to squish down so it’s ALL heated with no cool spots; though since it’s a club it shouldn’t be much of a mind here. Though I am curious to try the Mediterranean myself, maybe if it was a buck cheaper and used something else besides JUST Feta; poor sandwich, it doesn’t have anything that will properly melt, like Mozzarella, which CAN be considered just as Mediterranean.


The Red Pig and Truffle


Main Location: Minneapolis, Etc

            A few months after Lulu’s initial announcement and The Red Pig and Truffle is here! Starting at a couple breweries (I found my visit lead to the now-familiar Harriet Tap Room), they have already worked themselves down into the main Minneapolis scenes.


            As its own, completely-separate mobile operation to its sister (as opposed to an “offshoot”), Red Pig chooses to turn its focus completely onto the Sandwich road. Splitting their menu (literally) between Cold and Hot/Panini, the Pig relies on a variety of the ever-familiar styles, adding in a little extra something now and then. Offerings can include a Turkey Pesto, Roast Beef w/ Horseradish n Pickled Onion, a hot and cold Caprese, Reuben, Grilled Cheese w/ Prosciutto, and most notably their BLT using a ½lb of Bacon (that’s a lotta red pig…).


            And that’s about it for them really. Refreshments are as you see; a pretty staple glass-bottled variety steering away from the canned basics. Guess I just need to act like a pig and dive in.


Food: 9

            After much debate on the right option for overall reviewing, I feel quite happy in my choice of the Roasted Turkey with Pesto, one of the sandwiches on the cold side. Though I will say I wish I hadn’t eaten lunch an hour or so beforehand, cuz that fella was MUCH bigger than I thought it’d be, haha.


            Set on a (slightly toasted/griddled) focaccia/ciabatta-reminiscent, soft and rich and chewy, rectangularly shaped bun, this sandwich is stuffed with all the staples in the turkey-pesto lineup. A nicely moist (or not dry… not sure what words to use for thin-sliced cold cuts) meat, slices of provolone, tomato, a mixed green salad on top of the herb paste, and of course BACON, which is able to come through nicely among the full flavors of the mix. Overall everything tasted pretty good, combining into a very bold, rich, and satisfying version of the modern deli classic. The only thing I have note of, and it’s probably just me, is just that… I sorta wish the cheese were melted a little. I know, it’s a cold sandwich, so I should expect it, but still… it feels weird just eating slices of cold cheese like that in a sandwich, at least from a Food Truck or Restaurant. I so just wish they’d just press the bread with the cheese in the Panini a bit before filling with everything else… but again, that’s my ideal, they’re making their style of cold sandwich and it’s still damn good.

            As for the rest of the menu, it’s all pure speculation. Considering the quality of the bacon, though, I can bet the BLT is as good as it sounds, and one can probably assume the other sandwiches are put together with the same care and richness as those reviewed.


Holdability: 7.5

             For a big-ass, stuffed, non-pressed sandwich it held pretty damn well, so no requirement for sitting down. I predict various other sandwiches will allow similar walkability, needing only one hand to hold the basket and the other to munch.

Price: 8.5

             $8 for every sandwich, and for most there’s a LOT of sandwich to go with it, so it’s a pretty good bang after your buck; a bit sad that there’s no variably-priced offerings, but I guess that’s what Lulu is for.


Speed: 7.5

              Regular, average speed.

The TOE: 8

               With a stand-out name and focused, sandwich-based menu, Lulu’s brother truck easily shares much of its poignant and stand-out properties in the ever-growing rally of our truck scene. The owner chef’s experience with his last two trucks is apparent, particularly in the food quality. My one noted drawback, however, comes in a lack of any one unique, signatory/stand-out  item; though the sandwich concept is set down very well, always great, I’m still finding myself searching for at least one menu item to hold up as a Food Truck Highlight. There’s nothing that feels exceptionally unique to them, or particularly “special;” nothing I’d immediately think of when asked about the best/funnest Foods in our truck line-up. The ½lb of bacon is certainly a start, but it’s on a BLT; it’s so hard to get excited when there are so many people doing them. I found it created a bit of a hazy aspect in my mind as I looked from the truck and over the menu, detracting the initial, strong aura slightly as I struggled to find something slightly signatory.

                          Tally: 40.5/50



Final Thoughts

            A really good place if you want something portable and filling, or if you’re a grilled cheese addict looking for another hit (please don’t take it up the nose though… it just gets messy). It’s a pretty difficult menu for me to pick “must haves” from the others, overall it’ll depend on your own tastes, but if I WERE to narrow it down I would stick to 3 main options:

            3-Cheese Melt (or similar) for the grilled cheese buffs or those looking for something not-so-huge. Roasted Turkey/Beef sandwiches for the big, munchy, full lunch experiences (and for a VERY well-made cold cut sandwich). And the BLT (with all its smoky, salty, bacon glory) as somewhat of the main stand-out. Though I doubt one can ever go wrong with many of their other items; I find myself tempted to see how their Reuben is… does it stand up to the gooey, crispy slice of heaven that Home Street Home has created? (if I ever find out I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it)

            Overall, if you’re looking to spend about $8-ish on a Truck Lunch, this certainly isn’t a bad stop to make.