SFC: Grilling Excitement

                You know, I came to a surprising realization last night after dinner: after 5 years of going into the food and cooking industry, yesterday was the first time that I actually cooked lamb. Bit of a shock, really; it’s not THAT difficult of an ingredient to come by, I really like it, and am quite eager to cook different things. I mean heck, I’ve cooked Goat in class, but not lamb. Just an odd little situation it seems…


                Oh well, it happened. And it left me with a big bin of juicy, leftover meat to do with as I please. It just so happened, this morning I was pleasing for a little Lamb Taco or two.

                Now, for actually cooking the lamb, I just used the “Alton Brown Grilling Method” found here:


                Guy just does fantastic recipes. An important note, though; apparently I was using a Leg of Lamb, completely different cut, and it took longer to cook. So, if anyone wants to follow this recipe with a Leg, make sure you use a lot more coals.

                So, the Lamb I got was a “Semi-Boneless” piece… which makes me wonder what makes it Semi when it has this giant club of a bone going right through it. Either way, I got that fella out, cleaned the Leg up a little bit, and scored for some nice cookmarks. Only later did I find that there were some pretty big rivers of Connective tissue on the INSIDE that I needed to get too… soooo be careful of those home viewers.


                Don’t forget to save the bone and other scraps. Roast them up someday and you can use for the base of an awesome soup/broth/sauce/ice cream (You heard me…. There’s a place in San Fran that flavors one of theirs with roasted Prosciutto Bones).


                Next, make your favorite marinade mix, flavor generously with Mint, Rosemary, and Brown Sugar for glazing purposes. In my case, I used some Mint Jelly, dried Rosemary, and Molasses… I work with what I have. Slather it all over the meaty insides and undersides, save the fatty top for halfway through grilling. Then Truss it up (hopefully better than I did) and transfer to the grill.


                Look how nice and roasty that looks… and yes I did a Hobo Packet of squash and veggies for a side.

                The dinner was nice, the lamb’s unique gentle grassy/gamey flavors really came out nicely. Now it’s onto breakfast, cubeing up a slice of the leftovers and sautéing in a pan.

                I felt like keeping a little Mediterranean , gyro-like feeling to the dish, so I topped with some yogurt instead of sour cream. Slices of cherry tomato and onion, few leaves of cilantro (in place of mint, also keep that latin feel), and since it’s lamb I have to have just a bit of the good stone mustard. Finish with a few drops of hot sauce and wrap in a corn tortilla (no masa in the pantry sadly), and I’ve got a tasty taco. A good morning for me!


                Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of this leftover juiciness. If it seems street-food related, I’ll make sure to post some follow-up pictures.


                And speaking of things I’m excited about, tomorrow looks to be quite the monumental day! Me and Alcohol by Volume’s Author will be getting together for a joint venture of Brewery and Food Truck visits. I can’t wait to share and discuss ideas with my fellow Foodie, have her show me the ropes on our cities’ Beer Scene (I’ll certainly be doing the same for our Food Trucks). We’re both gonna be in for a stroke of luck, too; not only is tomorrow’s weather gonna be fantastic, “Motley Crew’s Heavy Metal Grill,” new to our streets, will be parking outside the first brewery. It’ll be my first visit, and I’ll be sure to have a review of it out by Monday, right after the post that will surely be soon to follow my review of the day’s other events.

                Until then, good night, good luck, and good mobile eating to all!