Lobby Day 2013

lobby day
Two Thursdays from now, on April 18th, join many others on the Capital Lawn to show your support for the Freedom of Marriage and LGBT rights! Bring friends, family, etc, and have the chance to meet and talk with your representative and senator about this important issues.
Musical guest Mason Jennings will be there, and they’ll also have a line-up of some of our favorite trucks to keep the supporters of this rally well fed! This will include, but hopefully not be limited to: Tot Boss, Nate Dogs, Fork In The Road, Potter’s Pastie’s, GastroTruck, and Sassy Spoon.
To learn more about the Event, follow the link to the website. Whether I’m able to go myself I am quite unsure, but if I can I’m hoping to see you there as well. While I can, I wish the entire Lobby Day all the support I can and hope it turns out well, as well as thanking the Food Trucks for all their support of this event.
As always, have a nice rest of your week, and good eating.