B-52 Slider Squad




Main Location: St. Paul

            The Brainchild of B-52 Burgers and Brew, B-52 Slider Squad takes the obvious mainstay and miniaturizes it for the hungry crowds. Premiering along with various truck-patriots such as Hot Indian and Kabomelette, B-52 comes in to help fill out St. Paul’s obvious need for further new truck growth along with Hibachi.

            Offerings are almost entirely composed of, you guessed it, Sliders… or, “Sliders” (I’ll explain later), and of course the traditionally-accompanying Fries. One can get these in the Traditional Cheese Slider, a Bavarian (Onion and Mustard), a Veggie, and the New-to-the-Menu, and likely to make an appearance throughout the season as they mentioned, Pesto Slider. Besides these, one can also order a couple skewers of Corn Fritters.


            To tell the truth, I don’t have too much more to say about them than this. Maybe I’m not feelin’ the “preachy” vibes tonight, or maybe they’re just that straightforward of an operation, or maybe I drank a bit more than I should have in my other writings, haha. Either way, think I’m gonna just get right into it tonight.


Food: 8

            Well I can’t go here without getting a Slider now can I? So I decided to go for their Bavarian. Though they label it, and a few other items, under “Burger” on the menu, all patties served ARE“Sliders.” I put it in quote as, unlike most sliders one sees in Trucks, White Castle, etc, the patties here are all ¼lbs of deliciousness. Oh yeah, that’s a big slider; though I’m sure there are many who would immediately disallow it from using the term. What I know, though, is that despite the amount used, they’re still pressed into that square patty and shoved into that soft, square, oh so nostalgic slider-like bun, only it’s a bit bigger. Ultimately, one still gets what is for all intents and purposes a slider, even if it’s a little bigger than usual; and hey, it still doesn’t reach the size most of us consider for a PROPER burger anyways.


           Now, onto the actual quality. The Bavarian, shoved between a special Pretzel Slider Bun and topped with a white onion and some good European mustard, comes with some nice sharp flavors and textures. The bun is soft, toasted a bit but still soft in the middle like it should be. And the meat used is of nice quality, but cooked all the way to well-done, which I guess it probably should for a true slider. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t contain much real qualities of the “omg heavenly” one finds in the best grilled meats, though that’s not to say it’s poor in quality, because it isn’t.

            It’s not the greatest Burgers from a Truck out there, but you won’t be disappointed.

            As for the Fries, I’ve been thinking of a good way to describe them, and I can’t help but be stuck on this one idea. Think of what would happen if McDonalds didn’t work in low-quality bulk and made their fries bigger; like, actually restaurant-thick. That’s basically what we have here. It’s got that similar light-crisp outside, the soft inside, but more noticeable starchiness from its size. Oh, then they toss it in some seasoning. It’s pretty darn good.


            And finally the Fritters, skewered Dango-style for our enjoyment. Bonus points for mixing in the fresh corn, jalapenos, and cilantro, so it’s not just one-note. The outside is crispy, though I’m sort of unsure of the actual filling texture; it’s quite noticeably cornmeal filled, though I think that comes with many of its positive and negative qualities. Eating it, I felt like the flavor reminded me of something… and all I can think of that might be close is cornbread; particularly the sorta-overcooked kind. Though I found the actual fritters weren’t really dry, this does clue you into something very important about them; it is VERY hard to get through eating all 8 of them, even with the palette-exciting flavors mixed in.


Holdability: 9

            They have a fun way of serving the burger and fries, putting them BOTH in the old-fashioned paper bag, as opposed to the random paper baskets we keep seeing. If done right, one could thus require only one hand to eat the burger with; the same could be said for the Fritter Skewers, as long as you moved them into the paper bag they are served on top of. Of course, would need two hands when going for the fries… unless you tipped the bag up to your mouth (YES!).   


Price: 9.5

           Some really good price points, with all items in the $5-$8 range, only one item being $8. Though all sliders automatically come with Fries, one can order solo sliders for only $1 off.


Speed: 9

            Pretty damn speedy, I really didn’t have to wait long for either item… I’m guessing the Fritters are fried and skewered ahead of time then. But the burgers are cooked quick too (maybe they grill them half of the way beforehand, I worked in a restaurant that did that for when someone ordered well-dones).


The TOE: 9

            FINALLY we have an all-slider Truck in our midst! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I found out Gastro pussed out and just went to large sandwiches. And they certainly don’t disappoint. It’s a nice menu, a fun trailer design, and the food comes out in that little nostalgic package (and skewers for the fritter), making for an enjoyable experience for those on the grab-n-go.   

                        Tally: 44.5/50



Final Thoughts

            Definitely one of the highlight Trucks for those looking for cheaper eats on the street, a quick grab, and easier holding while walking. Of course I can’t write a review on this without suggesting a Slider and Fries to order. If one doesn’t want to just do the Traditional, I think the new Pesto may be the Slider I’d lean towards most. I’m not sure how much I would actually suggest the Fritters (they’re interesting), but if you DO want them, then I would require you do one of these two things: either make sure you have 1 or more other people to share it with (again, they’re dense and hard to get through all 8 palette wise), or ask if you can just have one skewer for less.  

            I almost wonder if they should start doing shakes… but then I remember that this is a BAR, not a Diner. We’re just here for rich burgers and fries.