St. Paul Art Crawl – Fall 2013

                With summer fading away, the wet, chilly autumn starts baring its fangs. Though the weather rakes in a time studded with a monotony of well-celebrated holidays, it also stands as the official ending point for the vibrant, flooded Food Truck season we all adore (well, that and the warm, sunny weather). Of course they aren’t gone; the years of forming various relationships with local businesses and fellow breweries providing them with a firm base of business during the cold months.


                Hoping to share an effect in this is the St Paul Art Crawl, following the Nordeast’s summer foray with its own fall-season event. Taking place from October 4th to the 6th in various hours (6pm-10, 12-8, and 12-5 respectively), the artist’s gathering studs the entirety of the Downtown area, along with a few places south of 94, with studios, galleries, performances, probably some bands (at least the local restaurants may hire), even a few different runs and marathons.

                And of course, Food Trucks. The organizers of this Fall’s shindig have begun a focus and foray into the Truck territory, sending out emails and notifications and whatnot to bring as many of the mobile ops out to the Crawl as they can. From last I heard of a representative, they only had 7 signed up, but they expect to bring in a BUNDLE more (they said “think State Fair”) to provide fun and nourishment along the visual city tour. I don’t really know who they are, though, as no listing has been provided (guess it’s a surprise!)


                I would so love and look forward to the chance to go down, if anything just to compare it to the last Crawl, but also to see what Trucks decided to come down. Especially since, despite a full listing of galleries and map, there’s not too much info for me to report on before-the-fact. Sadly, though, my out-of-town schedule finds it impossible… if anyone would like to go and report in my place it would be highly welcome! Haha.

                For those who can make it, hopefully this offers a proper mobile respite before the ever-so-long distraction of the cold Minnesotan seasons to come. The weather should be sunny, days nice, and food a great accompaniment to enjoy our Local Art Scene. With that, I leave each to their own devices yet again; Good Luck and Good Eating to all.