Southern Re-look on a Sunny Day

           After a delayed but still cold, short, and rainy Spring (which is still spilling into Summer), we finally get our first warm, dry, sunny day of the season. So it’s no shock to have seen the Downtown Minneapolis streets packed with people vying in lane for lunch on the Street, provided by the many Trucks also out celebrating this beautiful occasion.

            Of the many, to my surprise, was that big green alligator Cajun 2 Geaux. I’ve seen their posts of locations AROUND Minneapolis, in various breweries and buildings outside the main drag. However, this was my first time knowing them (outside of maybe their opening weeks) on the Marquette and 2nd St circuit. It’ll be fun to see if they continue this or if it’s just rare circumstance.

             With their recent reply to my review, I’ve found myself obligated to find a time to try them again, not just to finally taste those sweet, sweet southern donuts, but to report on the Red Beans and Rice recipe that they’ve been testing and improving.


            The Beignets, as expected from the rumors and pictures, are of course amazing, a must-get one anyone’s first visit. To fully inform those who haven’t experienced it yet, the actual texture is a bit of the denser, chewier variety than the traditional (and other restaurant versions), not quite as “light and fluffy,” with a little eggy richness. Covered in powdered sugar, these sweety morsels find one doing the happy dance as they travel the sidewalk. Careful though, they’re hot at first; but don’t wait too long, these should be eaten immediately. Definitely Toe Ring material.

            I wish I had them earlier though, because I SO wanted to get this new item on the menu!


            Oh yeah, Pecan Praline Bread Pudding. It it’s even half as boozy and brown-sugar rich as a GOOD praline should be, this is a must-get for anyone who’s already had the beignets. Hope it’s on the menu next time I stop by…

            Now, the main event. That oh-so Louisiana dish of Red Beans and Rice. I can somewhat gladly say that it IS better than how it used to be; there IS more of the red bean stew/sauce, the andouille is a slightly better variety, and I do think there’s a little more flavor overall.


            That said, my opinion and score do not change. There is STILL too much rice in there to call it RBnR (I shortened the name!); as anyone who’s had a good one knows, a TRUE RBnR is like a stew, or a soup. Almost like those crappy “Jambalaya Soups” one sees in random restaurants, that only gives just enough rice to have some in each spoonful… only RBnR is actually good(and thicker). Well, not this one so much…

            And the actual “stew”… in the end, all it really seems to taste like is “red bean sauce” with nothing else. There’s no richness, no complex spice, no kind of molasses or meatyness or anything besides plain red beans. One can bring in the quality andouille as an argument, and though I agree they always add a great aspect to all the best Louisiana dishes, they can’t be used as one’s sole base. More is needed. I commend Cajun for trying, I am very sure and hopeful that they DID try and get more flavor in through the new recipe, but it just does NOT come through.

            As before, all customers should stick with one of the tasty and delicious Po’Boys and ignore their stew/rice dishes. Oh, on that note, it seems they’ve changed their presentation on those. Wasn’t able to snap a pic, but it looks like the sammies are wrapped a little tighter and more snug than before, so they should be a bit easier to eat.

            I could go on and talk about my second Truck stop of the day, but that’s a whole ‘nother post…