Food Trucks

This is where I attempt to create quick links to my different review pages for easier access! (Now Updated, I’ve removed reviews of Trucks that have since left the street and placed their collection in a separate section on the bottom of the page)

As I have started gathering a larger selection of posts, I’ve been pondering on whether or not I should change the List Structure for this page. Give me your thoughts! Should I keep things alphabetical, or split the Trucks between Cities, Cuisine Style, Year of Release, or some other subject?

128 Cafe
A Cupcake Social
A La Plancha
A Peace of Cake
Asian Invasian
AZ Canteen
B-52 Slider Squad
Bacon Trolley
Bark and the Bite
BF Sausage Cart
Big Brother Almighty BBQ
The Bison Butler
Bloomy’s Roast Beef
Brava on Wheels
Brook’s High Beer Battered
Bubba’s Fried Chicken (Quasi-Review)
Butcher Salt
Cafe Racer
Cajun 2 Geaux
Camp Cheesecake
Cave Cafe
Chef Shack
Classic Yum
Cranky’s Ice Cream
Cruzn Cafe
Cupcake on the Go
The Curious Goat
Dandelion Kitchen
Eli’s Donut Burgers
Falafel King
Filius Blue
Flavor Wagon
Foxy Falafel
Fork in the Road
Frio Frio
Fro Yo Soul
Funfare: Global Street Eats
Gai Gai Thai
Geno’s Gelato
Get Sauced
Gogi Bros
Greek Stop
Green + The Grain
Habanero Tacos
The Harvest Grill (Quasi-review)
Hibachi Daruma
Hola Arepa
Home Street Home
Hot Indian Foods
House of Hunger
Jake’s Street Grille
Jellybean & Julia’s
Leprechaun Dreamcycle (Quasi)
Let’s Eat
Little G’s
Lulu’s Street Food
Melch’s Meat Wagon
Messy Giuseppe
Midnord Empanada Truck
Misfit Coffee
Moral Omnivore
Motley Crew’s Heavy Metal Grill
Mr. Mustachios
Neato’s Burgers
New Bohemia
Outlaw Grill
Panini Pinups
Parkway Pizza Trolley (Quasi)
Paulette Bakery
Peep’s Hotbox
PepperJax Philly Express (Quasi-Review)
Potter’s Pasties
R.A. Mac Sammy’s
The Red Pig and Truffle
Red River Kitchen
Red Smoker BBQ (Quasi-Review)
Ruhland’s Strudel Haus
Sal’s Place on the Road
Sassy Spoon Truck
Saucy Burt’s
Sayo Foods and Co.
She Royal Deli (Quasi-review)
Simply Steve’s
Sir Baldys
The Sizzling Wagon
Smack Shack
S.O.B. (Quasi-Review, Winter Edition)
Stanley’s on Wheels (Quasi-Review)
Starlight Diner
Sushi Fix
Taco Cat (Quasi-review)
Taco Taxi
Taste of Target Field (Quasi-review)
Tatanka Truck
Tiki Tim’s
Tollefson Family Grill
Topolo Tacos
Tot Boss
Tru Pizza
Turkey To Go
Twin City Fritter & Philly
Twisted Fork Grille
Undead Frank’s Zombie Bites
Vellee Deli
Vin’s Italian
Vitto Lucco Pizza Co
Wacky Wing Wagon
The Waffle Van (L’Etoile du Nord)
(Whole) Sum Kitchen
Wild Side Cafe
World Street Kitchen
Z’s Smoking Bonez

Those Lost
Aussie’s Kebabs
Taqueria la Hacienda
Trinh Bahn Mi

11 thoughts on “Food Trucks

    • Oh my god I don’t! That’s so weird too, usually try and keep up on that. Thanks for telling me, just got it updated! Good luck with your first spring season in business!

    • Sadly I haven’t been able to get to them yet this year; I was HOPING to be able to take pics and try something during the Fall Rally at Harriet, since they were supposed to be there, but sadly they were the one truck that didn’t show that day.

  1. Camila’s Taqueria is the best!!! They’re parked in the lot of the liquor store at 2223 White Bear Ave in Maplewood, Wed-Sun from 10 am to 9 pm. That’s what she told me when I was there a couple weeks ago. Highly recommended. My husband is from Mexico, and he can’t get enough of this place’s tacos lol. The tamales are great too, as I’m sure everything else is!

    • I’ll consider it, especially if I’m able to get a couple more comments wishing the same! I may update in future, keeping alphabetical but attaching the current ratings to the side

  2. Do you know which food truck has mashed potato balls with bacon deep fried? had them at the beer dabbler a few years ago and still dream about them! Wish I could have them again, but cannot remember the name of the food truck.

    • Hmmm, sadly I do not, sounds quite delicious; must be an off-regular item, from a truck no longer in service, or potentially from a concession cart (like what you find at the State Fair). If you remember the year, and sure it’s a food truck, I could probably help narrow down possibilities.

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