Correction for Home Street Home and Lunch By The River

Good day peoples! Hope you’re all doing well. I received an interesting email today from my friends at Home Street Home, one of my absolute favorite trucks on our street. Apparently they had been reading through some of my posts recently and brought something important to my consideration.

To keep things simple, a couple years back I did a post on one of my visits to Lunch By The River, the little weekly St Paul gathering in downtown by a little coalition of our local, amazing trucks. At the time there had been some talks and rumors of extending the days to Tuesday and Wednesday as well. But the main thing to know, in terms of what I was made aware of, is that during the article I had made mention that the gathering was attributed to the MN Food Truck Association (or at least alluded to the possibility).

I was wrong. They have no involvement in it at all. A lot of work goes into LBTR, but every bit of it is done by Home Street Home. I could detail this myself, but I really think that they say it so much better themselves, so here’s part of the email I got.

“It’s silly but I wanted you to know that we are 100% responsible for every aspect of Thursdays LBTR and we are NOT a member of the Food Truck Association. Back in 2012 we spent almost two months petitioning the City of St. Paul to get the spot we did. Then we selected the trucks and got the parking permits.

Every year we organize what trucks will be there for the season, collect their certificates of insurance and furnish them to the city.
We then write and send out a press release of when it will start and who will be in attendance.
We find and schedule the music.
Every month we call in the permits and then call a different department to order the no parking signs.
We pick up the signs for the month.
Every week we have to post the signs by 9am on Wednesday and then call the city to let them know it has been done.
We bring the picnic blankets, set them out, collect them at the end and take down the signs.
We collect the money from the trucks and pay the parking bill every month.
We deal with any and all other issues that arise including parking issues and trying to find replacement trucks when one of the regular trucks can’t make it.

We do all of this at no extra charge to the other trucks besides the parking fee that we all pay. It is a lot of work especially when your already working 70-80 hours a week trying to keep your truck running well. We don’t need credit for it, we’ve never expected any. It just hurt to read that someone else got credit for something we have worked so hard at over the years.

I hope you don’t take offense to any of this. I love your website. I think your journalism is fair, accurate and entertaining. I have spent many hours over the years reading through and enjoying it. I just really wanted you to know that us alone are 100% responsible for Thursdays on Kellogg & Robert and always have been.”

My Intense and most Sincere apologies for this slip-up, I take full responsibility for making a false assumption that wasn’t actually researched. What HSH does is a really cool and amazing thing, and despite what they say I think they deserve all the attention, credit, and thanks in the world for setting LBTR up every week come summer. I hope they can forgive me in this, I wish them the best of luck in the coming year, and I will try from now on to keep my mistakes to a complete minimal. If there are any further, however, I please ask anyone reading to bring it to my attention.

Thank you all for your time, again my apologies in this.

PS Did I include the last little blurb from their email just to make myself feel and look good? Yes, yes I did. My ego demands it. Muahahahaha

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