Savannah Food Truck Issues

sv1So, over the past month or so I’ve been doing some writing on the side for Food Truck Empire and one of their accounts (also just got asked to guest write for Eat.Drink.Dish, you should check the site out!); one of the reasons I sadly haven’t been able to get out to any new food trucks recently! (that and a lot more work hours, haha; the good and the bad ya know?)

But to get straight to my main point, I just finished an article discussing these really bad, annoying issues that the Savannah government has set against the food trucks currently trying to make a business there. I was able to get an amazing interview with someone really involved in the race to get the place liveable and grow the truck scene there, a Ms. Amy Hughes from Hughes Public Affairs. During the process of contact and going through this, I couldn’t help but want to spread this issue to as many media points as I can, to help get the word out and hopefully garner support for this city, and all the others where these new entrepreneurs are being practically forced out of what could be a fantastic boom for them and the city itself (if they’d actually let them survive).

Either way, Here’s the Link, I encourage anyone even mildly interested to read through it, and spread the link to as many sources as one can. Hopefully you at least enjoy skimming through it, as I very much enjoyed putting it together!

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