Proper CBS Spotlight

Obviously I’ve proven pretty slow in the uptake and reaction for many things that go down, and now that I’m working nights I happen to miss many of my preferred shows by a bit of time, so I may pile on my online catching up of a few episodes all at once. For example today I just remembered to look over the recently missed couple weeks of “The Taste.” And can I now just please please say, even delayed, how much I loved their Street Food episode!


Oh, they had almost all the good points there, starting with Chef Marcus and Anthony’s “team demonstrations;” bringing one to a truck to discuss the epitome of what bahn mi and sandwiches really are, the other philosophizing around the soul in a meatball wrap. Then bringing in the Godfather of the Food Truck movement, Roy Choy himself, for the initial judging and team assistance. Being able to actually just sit back and listen to him wax about street food, its connections to family and soul, what it means… just beautiful. It’s the sort of moment that makes me depressed in my inability to express those similar feelings myself, but excited simply knowing that so many can hear what it is I feel about this truly global culture. Then of course he made an Enchilada with awesome Marinated Short-Ribs, who doesn’t love that?

And last but not least, two gold stars (basically winning the individual challenge) for our own Hometown Chef Sarah Master of Barbette! So happy and proud! Not to mention the irony of doing it with the dish that simply destroyed Nigella’s team, the whole Hot Mess of the entire episode… which I really shouldn’t get into, so much.

Though let me say, I did find it hilariously sad that during the team challenge “elimination decision”, where Nigella’s constantly talking about how her team wasn’t listening and didn’t cook things well enough (which IS true enough, plenty of that there), she completely glossed over the fact that the only actual Criticisms Roy Choy gave on the dish was the problem with “construction” (he had to pick up a fried fish and chip together with bare hands, no wrapping or toothpick) and the fact that the pairing went oddly together. Both of which is an issue with the fact that it’s Fish and Chips, not how well they were cooked. Put simply, the main reason he hated the dish is because it was Fish and Chips, which is what Nigella Made her team cook; but do you even hear her admit responsibility on it for even a brief second? Of course not.

Well, that aside, I still loved the episode, and think we need more cooking shows highlighting the subject LIKE THIS (some just do it “alright”). Let’s see what’s cookin’ in tv land in the coming months.

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