SFC: Fish Party

                A leftover Filet of Sole from a special project lay in the fridge one empty morning, crying to be turned into a sandwich. Who am I to deny it such pleasure?


                Giving it a bath in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, I gently transport it back to bed… a hot pan with an even layer of butter and oil. Though, the sole wanted a slumber party, so I invited a few friends: some split king trumpet mushrooms I had leftover, letting them sear and sizzle in the pan next to the gloriously browning breadcrumbs.


                An accompanying sauce is always desired in things to come such as this, so a rich mixture of mayo, chopped parsley, paprika, cayenne, and a heaping helping of chopped garlic seemed suitable.


                For a properly firm yet tender blanket, I decided to employ the technique of toasting both slices of bread in the same slot, creating a crispy outside while retaining soft grains within.


                As the fish finishes its little nap, we prepare the final playgrounds for enjoyment, layering the mayo-based-spread with seared mushrooms and fresh, crispy romaine hearts. Take the crispy filets out from the pan, slice in half, pile on and dive in. A nice, simple little way to make a tasty lunch without having to drive to McDonalds. Warm, crispy-crunchy, with a creamy garlic punch, perfect sammich material.


2 thoughts on “SFC: Fish Party

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