Favreau’s on the Move?


                So of all the venues I’ve been using to try and keep track of Food Truck related news (facebook, blogs, magazine feeds, actually walking the streets, etc), I never figured watching pirated internet videos of Top Chef would be one of them.

                For those who don’t watch and, as such, don’t immediately understand the reference I’m making, apparently a mister guest judge Jon Favreau appeared in a recent episode, in which he made the announcement and talked about his new acting+directing project: “Chef”. To describe it simply, the Movie will be about an L.A. chef (played by Favreau) who, after losing his way and passion in the industry, opens up a Food Truck in Miami. The Truck, well and properly named “El Jefe Cubano” (oh yeah, definitely want to go to that truck), is driven cross-country in his journey to find himself.


                With the Production and Filming having started July-August of 2013; shooting in places like Miami, Austin, and New Orleans (which thus explains his presence on this season’s bayou-centric Top Chef); Chef is slated to release May 9, 2014, and will be opening Austin’s South by Southwest Film Festival on March 7th. So for all you Texans and Southern Travelers going to the festival, have fun and enjoy the early premier! Wish I was in your shoes! (And -cough- hate you with my very soul and all that)

                Think it’s safe to say that I am uber excited for this culinary comedy to finish up production and get into theaters. Especially since it’ll be featuring Robert Downy Jr. along with other Iron Man co-stars. But of course the main point of interest is simply seeing how they translate this common-day food trend to the silver screen, along with that most spiritualistic of journeys that food tends to play in our lives (oh, and the jokes, gotta look for the jokes).

                There’s no questioning that I will see this as soon as it comes out, and I hope you do too! Can’t wait, make sure you look out for my reaction (which will NOT contain a whole damn summary of the film, way too much work for something that other people will do on Wikipedia anyways) about a week after it hits!


                 And speaking of special projects, I myself have been working and planning out something of my own in the past week or so (haven’t had much to report for RoW anyways). Should have things “up and running” on it in a week I’d guess; make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my reveal post.

                But until all that, good luck and good eating, warmer weather is only a couple months away (supposedly)!