Ice Blocks and Snow (with an Asian Twist), NOT Brick and Mortar


                  So, Vellee Deli is doing a Pop-up, Dinner and Winter-only Restaurant in Crema Café come January huh? Well now doesn’t that just brighten up our spirits? Just think, a Latin-Korean Truck Winter-Premiering in an Old Italian Ice Cream spot, it’s a hipster’s dream and I swear if they were opening now it’d be the start of a new Holiday Carol…

                   Let me just say I’m not gonna even try and expound and contribulate and philosophize about this happening in the slightest, I think the article above does a good enough job at it to warrant the respect of me not trying to “compete.”  Some base details, again, is that Vellee is opening this in January, lasting until May, in the Uptown Crema Café, known very well for their small-batch, handmade Ice Cream (gelato I hope), and of course Espresso. It’s dinner-only, as mentioned, and suffice it to say I can’t wait until the New Year’s. I’m so going down there the first chance I get, and I suggest you do the same.

                   So excited!