The Holiday Dilemmas

                Thanksgiving has come and gone (besides the weekend get-togethers some are required to have), and now is the time for leftovers. And as such it’s also the time for an army of bloggers, news shows, TV Chefs, restaurants, and anyone else we can think of to try and impress the reader/watcher with “fun new ways to use them!” Hell, I just saw a local bar’s facebook post on using them in 3 different cocktails.

                It certainly makes for quite the deluge of information and recipes which I doubt I could even begin to try and compete or add a proper installment into. Not that I wouldn’t love to try… how I wish I could fill a post with Turkey-Stuffing-Potatoes-Green Bean Casserole-Casserole, or make a giant Hoagie filled with everything, and Eggbake made with dinner rolls, even a dessert of candied yam custard with cranberry coulis.


                Oh all the things I would like to make a post about… if only I had enough leftovers to actually do it with. The majority of our Tupperware is filled with baked butternut squash (not candied with marshmallow, just plain butternut squash… not really the traditional/cliché thanksgiving fair) and some mashed potatoes. 3 rolls and enough Turkey for about only one or two sandwiches accompany only enough leftover stuffing (and GOOD stuffing too! With sausage…) for a midday snack.


                Sooo no real recipes today, I haven’t been able to do that much with what I’ve got besides some roll sandwiches and a sautéed hot dog-stuffing mix. I did think of a fun little portable pocket item though.


                Take whichever rolls one has used on hand and split in half (the best are those firm, round rolls with the crispy crust; can cut them like a clam shell easily) and pull out the fluffy insides, leaving just the hollowed out crust. From here I easily stuff both sides with small amounts of practically everything we have left; a little turkey, some stuffing, potatoes, gravy, squash, cranberries, even half a green bean.


                I then reattach the halves and fill whichever openings I can find with the bread insides, effectively hiding all its stuffing into what looks like a regular bun (not sure what situation you’d need the trick for, but it’s still fun). From here, we could enjoy it as is like a cold sandwich (I can’t say I haven’t done this around midnight) or move into a 300-350F oven for a while, warm the bread and insides up while crisping the outside.


                It’s not much but a pebble in the deluge of possibilities, but it contains the fun possibilities one can do for a quick minute snack. Besides, if I’m not recounting some of the things I do at home, what’s the point of having an outlet like this in the first place?


                I hope all of your Thanksgivings have gone the best they can, and wish you luck in your leftover devourment. Experiment to your heart’s content or just shove everything into a baking dish, enjoy the food the best you can!

                Until the next holiday season or whichever recipes come before, Good Eating to all.

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