Black Friday Podcast


                It’s finally here, the podcast interview between me and Brett is out! And on Black Friday of all days… I feel like there might be a symbolism there but I don’t want to figure it out.

                Brett is of course the guy I hung out with at the Fall Rally and the owner/creator of the Food Truck Empire Podcast/Blog. Here we chat a bit about the food truck scene, the concept of trend and some of my favorites. Apologies to all of my favorite trucks, I wish I could have talked about so many of my favorites, so many awesome trucks that deserve conversation about, but I only ended up mentioning some of the older guys (at least Brett was able to give a shout out to Motley’s in his re-done intro).

                Sadly, I should warn, due to my almost-international distance from the States on the day of the interview, a very large chunk of our conversation had to be cut out because of a not so good connection (you can still hear some of the issues with what’s left… that and my frequent umms and stuttering. I’m not good with interviews!!!). Which is why at one point it actually cuts off while I’m answering one question and starts partway through another without hearing the next question; I swear, that is NOT me going off on a giant tangent, even with my personality! I do that enough with other things.


                So all in all a 45+ minutes phone call turned into a little over 12 minutes of me nervously discussing my favorite topics. But either way it was still a fun experience to be had, and I thank Brett very much for the chance to appear on his awesome site! Hopefully we’ll have the chance to do it again and hash out some other fun topics of Truck-related convo, or at least grab another bite at the next Rally event.

                A sincere and firm Good Luck to him in his many many new Truck Casts and Adventures in the coming year, and Good Eating to those readers and listeners to both of our blog. Thank you for your attentions, we both hope our efforts have been able to cause at least a bit more inspiration to try our local street foods.

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