Halloween Hookup (and a small seasonal verse)


               It was Halloween Night, and where do you be, crafting a brew or stuck in a tree? Have you been gallanting around for a sugar snack, or stuck in a bar as a friend’s best slack? Maybe it’s hazy from the fluids you chug, after all we are human despite being smug. Though this is the night we pretend to thus change, hours and hours mixed only with strange. And what do we have after all these precedings, but a locked away memory that’s ever receding. So we’re left at our house, or a bar, or a tree, looking forward to next year to what strange can be.

                And I shall still sit here, whether from trial or luck, still reporting on happenings around our Food Truck!

                (alright, I got the Halloween Rhyme out of my head, on to the actual post)

                Well, I’m not sure where all of YOU were last night, but I decided to pop down to 612, who was doing a little Halloween get-together with Motley Crew’s. Since I had plans that night, I thought it would be a fun, brief little stop to do on this spookiest of holidays.

                Though of course, out of every single customer in the bar (and there was a burgeoning little crowd as I left) I was the ONLY one who had actually dressed for the occasion… at first I felt like a bit of a douche, haha, but now I’m just disappointed in all of you. How dare you! Put on a hat at least! No more sharing of my street food and beer for you! (… okay, I wasn’t sharing in the first place, but it’s the thought that counts)


                As for my palette-based experience, I stopped out at one of my favorite trucks to be informed that they added some new additions to the menu. Though truthfully, all the “new” sandwiches are the exact same as the Hot Chick and Philly, they just use different sauces. It is nice for repeat customers, certainly, since it offers the favorite sandwiches but with variant base flavors so we don’t get bored (or just for those first timers that prefer BBQ over Thousand-Island-ish Motley sauce). I also found out late that they had started getting chili out, and I wish I didn’t! Woulda ordered a whole bowl of that good stuff!

                What I did order, though, was their Hawaiian Crews, piled high with grilled shaved Ham and Pineapple, and melted Provolone of course. These kind of sandwiches always make me nervous, so it was only fitting I try it to see how well they could salvage the usually-disastrous (not by nature, but by poor application) combo.

                And I enjoyed it, very much; it was a great, hot, messy ham sandwich. The pineapple didn’t overpower it, or get everything soggy, or anything. On the other hand it didn’t stand out or have any great “distinctive” notes to it (you could tell that pre-cut, canned pineapple was used… or at the very least that’s what it looked like), like a really good fresh pineapple with deep grill chars, but I can deal with that after the simple accomplishment of having a savory pineapple dish that everyone will enjoy. And the Motley Sauce provided a nice undercurrent, doesn’t stand out in opposition of the pineapple at all.


                To drink with, I decided to order a newer brew from 612, the Shere Khan. A distinctively dry hopped, Strong Amber Ale that’s been infused with “Indian Spices,” though really it’s just Cardamom and Saffron (can they use that description when they only use two, one of which is probably in minor quantities?). It was certainly tasty, though the hops were notably pungent and strong (not exactly the “sneak out from under the spices” they describe on the site). I’m not sure how much of the actual cardamom I got, though I think that’s cuz its natural aromas fused with the highly similar hops. And I have no idea why they used the saffron at all, except for maybe color; such a delicate, delicate spice should be going into even a medium/+ strength beer. Overall, I still haven’t found too much excitement in this adolescent brewery, though the offerings are certainly interesting.

                Oh, and an interesting little tidbit, the owner of Crew’s stopped in the bar for quite a while to chat with everyone (mostly on various Horror Movie details, awesome) and I picked some things up. First off, they’ve just recently bought the pretzel business that supplies them with the crunchy baked good for their sugary-hot snack. Secondly, and going off that, they’re working on getting a certain Food License, and once they do… let’s just say you’ll be able to enjoy more than beer at some of your favorite breweries, Truck or no Truck (I’ll make sure to keep you posted as things are finalized).

                Well, that was the start of my Halloween. Anyone else have a fun story, preferably beer or street food related?