Charlie Awards


                It’s that time of the year again (apparently)! What time, you ask? Much like the yearly spectacles and traditions that follow many an organization such as Citypages, Vitamn, the Oscars, and whoever-else-cares, it’s Voting Time!! And around these months in Minnesota, that means the Charlie Awards.

                Those who may have already learned about this in the past two years, or those seeing the various requests for voting on facebook, are already familiar. Beginning in 2011, the Charlie Awards is a newly created local event meant to emulate that Nationally-known James Beard style system, but all purely to Minnesota. I could go into a whole listing and tirade of its history, who Charlie is, etc, but the website does a lot better… and anyways, all I care about is the food (mainly those of the mobile variety). I can say that I remember the first year of the awards; I was actually there, as the catering for those attending the event is taken care of by the various area Culinary Schools (yeah, Ai rocked the house that year, whoot!). Haha, but I remember it going very well and successfully; could never attend the actual awards, but from what I read of the winners afterwards it seems pretty fair.


                The categories seem to grow every year (with the Favorite Foods section opened to the public), and starting in 2012 they’ve added Food Trucks to that list. This year is no exception, with a voting list resplendent from AZ (get it?) to Saucy. Other categories to vote for (at least right now) mainly focus on the various “regions” of Downtown, asking us to choose which restaurant in each is the best.


                Which brings me to my point; voting for Food Truck stuff ends in 3 days! Whoever you most adore in our mobile scene, make sure to get on and send them your vote; since you can vote once a day, can get at least 2 more votes in. And one thing to note/remember; this year the voting category for them is going to specific Menu Items, so make sure you pay attention to the pictures and pick the food you like best! (I think it makes it a lot easier; it’s so hard for me to choose among all of them!)


                So let’s all try and get our favorite noted! The actual event is November 17th, quite a bit away; maybe they’ll have more than one category in the Mobile Itinerary this year. But, we’ll see; until then I wish Good Luck to all Trucks entered!  

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