Loco Taco Stop

                I do love those small, traditional Mexican Taco Trucks. So well priced with simple, delicious classic options wrapped in a proper masa tortilla.


                Luckily for me, there’s this fun little cart named “El Taco Loco” parked in this tiny stripmall lot along central (around, say, 45th-50th), pretty close to where I live. Annoyingly for me, despite seeing it every time I drive towards downtown, I hadn’t actually visited it until today.


                It was nice to finally grab lunch from there. The selection was of the basic, expected Taco Truck: Asada, Pastor, Pollo, Chorizo, and some Lengua (cow tongue) to keep it interesting and traditional. $2 a taco, and much like Taco Taxi also offered the option of Enchiladas and Tortas (term for Sandwich for those not aware yet; they actually use this interesting flat, round bread for them usually).


                Definitely glad I finally stopped in; tacos were just as good as one would expect; particularly with that little Salsa Verde. Think I’ll be making a few more stops there from now on, especially in the coming winter months.           


                Yeah, that’s it for this post; the Loco isn’t really a Truck, and despite its wheels just stays in the same spot day in and out. So not much reason for a full on or either quasi review this time.

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