SFC: Fudging up some Cake

               If you read my recent post on Cake Pop creation, you’re aware I was left with quite a bit of leftover Vanilla Cake. For me this was quite a joy, since it gave me the chance to make my FAVORITE little confection, one of my very own invention (truly, so far I have not found any evidence of this little creation in any form online, in recipes, etc). And by accident/chance too; this little guy sorta just came to me one night when I was making cupcakes and had most of my Chocolate ones completely destroyed when trying to take them from the pan. Had all this tasty cake leftover but nothing I could think of doing with them… and nothing on hand but a little pot of melted marshmallow.

               I call it “Cake/Brownie Fudge,” and it is easily one of, if not THE, best ways to use up leftover cake or brownies, vanilla or chocolate, sheet or cup, dry or already icing-ed, plain or flavor/nut studded, etc. It’s extremely simple, highly customizable, and sooooo good. And like fudge it’s easy to cut into squares, wrap in wax or whatever, and carry around (thus my ability to include it in Street Food Corner).


              We start by taking our leftover cake, getting it completely or mostly crumbled up, and mixing it with melted Marshmallows (melt it in a pan with butter). There’s no real rule to ratios here; if you only have a small amount of cake, just use a few marshmallows, if you have most of a pan like I did then use over a cup of marshmallows (before melting… maybe after).


              (Apologies for the blurry picture, didn’t realize camera was acting up) Pour this onto the crumbles along with ANYTHING else that you want or have leftover! In this instance, I added in the leftover blue white chocolate, and part of the cake I used was mixed with that frosting mixture. Mix thoroughly so you know the marshmallow is well integrated and move into whatever PROPERLY SIZED (enough so you can fit it all in thick, you don’t want a thin little layer of fudge here) Loaf, Cake, Cupcake, Bundt, or whatever pan you have, already well-covered with plastic wrap. If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, I am basically just making rice crispies but with cake.


              Press this down evenly and top with anything else you want or have leftover. For this, I got some more marshmallow (which wasn’t too great of an idea, it keeps coming off on the plastic wrap), a little sweetened condensed milk drizzle (if you haven’t tasted condensed milk as is, DO SO… it is lactic heaven), and some of those sprinkles. We can also use some caramel, chocolate sauce, more icing, etc (I drizzled a port chocolate sauce over my chocolate cupcake fudge, mmmm).


              Now, wrap the rest of the plastic over the top and cover it with a weight of some sort; preferably the same sized pan on top with some heavy cans (no luck for me, so I used some heavy coasters for one side and a can of chicken noodle on the other, haha). Place it in the fridge and leave overnight to cool, condense, and for those marshmallows and other fillings/sauces set up.


             Once ready, you can take it out and slice off as big or small pieces you want to enjoy this now-rich, dense, tenderly chewy piece of heaven highly unique unto itself. Similar to fudge, but like a cake… really a cross between the two. Personally, I myself sorta prefer the Chocolate-based ones; maybe it’s that rich cocoa which converts it to even more fudgy. Or something.

             Hopefully this little post is able to inspire the spread of this new confectionary creation! But whether one tries creating it at home or not, I hope you at least enjoyed reading this idea of mine. If you’ve had similar kinds of creation experiences, please do share! Until then, Good Luck and Good Eating (of sweets) to all.

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