Red Smoker BBQ (Quasi-Review)


                With quite the off and on schedule, Red Smoker BBQ makes its entry into my new list of “quasi-review” trucks mainly due to two little facts. First, I just can’t find ANY sort of website, twitter, facebook, you name it, concerning their business. And Second, as far as the past couple years have been considered, their presence in the Downtown area has been quite minimalistic and unpredictable; maybe a few days a month at best. Though it seems they’ve started appearing more often this year (or at least past month or so… maybe a slow catering schedule?), so I thought it about time they got the review they deserved, if only partial.


                Serving from their little red back wagon (or whatever they’re called), sometimes decorated with a tiny awning (so cute!), the name of the game is, as one would expect, BBQ. Though this seems to only take the form of slow cooked and Pulled Pork and Chicken, used in Sandwiches or put into Chili (veggie if gotten w/out). A couple years ago, I think they may have had more things on the menu, they’ve kept the Brat, but now just the pulled stuff, served in multiple ways and sizes. They seem to have added a Pulled Meat Taco to better fit into the burgeoning Food Truck Scene.


                I had the Pulled Pork about a year ago, which I remember enjoying very well. My recent visit I thought I’d try the Chicken; went with a cheaper alternative to the sandwich, getting two small “sliders,” though they didn’t serve with any slaw. The buns are untoasted, which is generally fine for Pulled Meat sandwiches I believe, though it felt a bit “thick”… coulda used more meat, haha. The chicken itself was fine, not bad but not something I would rave about. I think the full Sandwich with Slaw and such would tie everything together better. The Chili looks like it would be pretty good too, for those looking for a Hearty Soup on the street (or something similar).


                Well, here’s a simple run-through of possible score.

                Food: 6-7

                Holdability: 7.5 – Sandwiches served in basket and cups of soup, not too bad

                Price: 8 – Good little range, $6-$8 mainly with some cheaper Veggie soups

                Speed: 9 – No cooking to order, just piling sandwiches together and such

                Toe: 5-6 – It’s a pretty fun little wagon, actually, potential for a nice “experience,” though the BBQ is ultimately basic, very little on the menu to actually “excite.”

                It’ll be interesting to see if they keep this up the rest of this season, and the next too when it rolls around; and if so, hopefully they’ll pull a website up.

4 thoughts on “Red Smoker BBQ (Quasi-Review)

  1. thanks so much for the food truck reviews. I hate when I waste my money on terrible food trucks. It becomes more of an experiment than an experience.

    • I know the feeling all too well, particularly with restaurants (so many!!), thus I’m hoping this blog can help a few people in that way. Do you have any particular favorites so far?

    • Thanks for the little comment on them, their chili looked good but it’s great to get some clarification! And oh yes… really seem to take their time (reminds me of “Island Time,” haha) nowadays; which is a shame, I remember them being a bit more attentive, social, and quick-to-serve a year or so back.

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