She Royal Deli (Quasi-Review)

                Being in Downtown for a Food Truck that wasn’t there, I couldn’t help but notice She Royal’s new paintjob, and couldn’t think of a better moment to finally re-visit for their (partial) review. No doubt due in part to their sister truck’s, Brava, recent street movements; well that and the heavy need for them to get some actual customers. It’s certainly a visual improvement over the simple, stark white “catering/deli truck” feel. Maybe what one could expect from a Food Truck idea based off of a coffee company… though they don’t sell their coffee from it (weird right?).


                Another effect of the recent change, which I’m not sure if it’s permanent, testing, or just temporary, is the Menu reduction of 6-8 items, none of which really had much to do with eachother (well maybe a couple), down to 3. I’m personally hoping they stick to this, only going up to one or two other items; it makes more business sense (especially if customer base is low) and focuses the style a bit more (not much, but a bit).


                As of now, items are a Chicken Curry, which I highly expect to be very similar to if not the same as Brava’s; the Gyro; and their Veggie Sampler, which I am VERY happy they kept (it was the one item that actually intrigued me out of their original list of 8. Well, that and the Samosa for a quick snack option). Previous items, if they ever do bring them back, have been samosas, a burger, satay, I think a taco or quesadilla, falafel maybe… they aren’t dishes I’ve wanted to think about too much.


                Of these 3, the only one I would suggest is the one I tried and have been waiting a couple years to get back to: the Veggie Sampler. Brava’s and their curried chicken doesn’t impress me too much, and if one wants a quality Gyro (that they know is better than others) it comes from a place that specializes.


                That  said, I really enjoyed the Sampler; two different kinds of curried/Middle-eastern stewed lentils and some cooked carrots n beans with (saffron?) rice and pita (which I think was griddled slightly at one point, had a nice crunch). I love lunches like this, after piling as much of the delicious veggies on the pita, the best thing in the world is just mixing all these different spiced stews together with the rice to make a rich, filling meal. And it is filling, so in that sense it’s quite worth the $8 cost.


                On that note, though, I sadly wouldn’t even suggest eating this. If you want a Lunch dish like this in Downtown Minneapolis, go to the Gavidae Common Food Court a couple blocks down to Kabob. You can get a “lunch platter” piled with almost any of their own Indian veggie stews, a couple different rices (mixed with all the good stuff), maybe hot sauces, and if you’re lucky a little cold dessert, all for $5 plus change. This is where I first had this style of lunch and why I love eating like it. It may not be the best quality restaurant Indian food, but for a Food Court it’s damn good, and amazing for the price, the best deal in the Skyway I swear.

                Well, all that said, here’s my “Quick Score” system for Royal.


                Food: 6.5ish – Veggie was tasty, but dragged down from what I expect an average or lower quality in other dishes.

                Holdability: 6.5 – depends on the item usually, but as it is now 2 of the 3 items really need sitting down to enjoy.

                Price: 6 – all $8 right now (the bigger menu was a bit more various), and I really wonder if all of them is worth it

                Speed: 8.5 – Pretty fast, I think all of the 3 are ready to go (maybe not the Curry), the bigger menu varies, but even so they didn’t shovel it out too quickly

                Toe: 4 – well there was a reason it took me so long to actually visit… the color scheme increases visual aspect and the smaller menu helps focus it, but still… I don’t see why they kept a gyro of all things.

                That’s about it I guess. I’ll try and keep my eye on them, see how the menu decisions come along. Until then though, Good Luck and Good Eating to you all.

3 thoughts on “She Royal Deli (Quasi-Review)

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