WSK Restaurant Visit


                Finally got the chance to visit and eat at WSK’s fun little uptown restaurant just the other day! Wish I could have gone when the outside sign was lit up, but the inside one had that covered.


                With all the various blogs and pages that have recounted their own tale in here, I don’t really see much use in attempting a full review on my own (I’ll keep to the actual Trucks for that). Though a few pics and some recounting of my own wouldn’t be bad, and maybe if you still haven’t seen much on the place yet it could help convince a visit.


                Nice, big menu full of the Truck Staples and similar items in all different flavors. If you can read all the way to the right, you can see an option for Soft Serve in delicious flavors like Salted Caramel and Mango; much better than the cheap vanilla and chocolate at an Asian buffet.


                That’s Betty Lou…


                Sadly, I was capable of reading that…


                So a Beer it is! One of Indeed’s seasonal during happy hour (every day, 3-6, awesome).


                As for food, I got the Tikki Chat, a little patty of Lentils and Chickpeas and other things, ladled with two sauces, one avocado and one bean-based, sour cream, and those little rice sticks. Though it’s not a good Chaat without some hot sauce on the side.


                Luckily they have a nice little area for it. Not to mention a full cooler of Mexican Coke and Joia soda for those not thirsty for alcohol.


                Overall I had a nice, fun little time on my study day. Though I don’t eat out too often, I certainly look forward to future chances to go back, and would love to show it to people getting into the Truck-foodie game; maybe a fun stop on a “Truck-Restaurant-Crawl.” I’ve already got two under my belt now, maybe I should stop by some others and figure out a fun day-plan concept…



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