Doggy Art

            The Uptown Art Fair was this weekend, doing its part to display all our local talents while clogging up the streets as best it can! Being I never went there before, I decided to stop by with a friend to view the various events; though most of the time we just ended up drinking in a bar (better that than the over-priced, cheap stuff at the “Beer Garden.”)

            Normally I might do a little report on the proceedings, but I didn’t really take much pictures and it had nothing to do with Street Food, so I don’t really care.


            Plus there’s that… thing. Ugh, it’s creepy. Worst part is I was eating some Paella when I saw it, did NOT help the situation.

            Though I did get a brief view of the Culinary Competition outside Kitchen Window when I got there. It’s too bad they didn’t have a good way to actually view what the chefs were doing, like a camera… everything was hidden by the booths. Still fun though.

            There was ONE Truck there of course, the good ‘ol nationally-known Zimmern truck AZ. My acquaintance decided to buy their AZ Dog for lunch, so lucky me I finally got a chance to take a picture and try it out!


            And as hot dogs go it is a tasty one, good pickles and slaw on top, all that nice stuff, but once again definitely not worth a whole $8 (wasn’t it $7 just a bit ago?). Still best to look at other places for hot dog cravings.

            Well that’s it… small post for me, but that’s how it goes. Good Luck and Good Eating.

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