A Day for Smaller things

           Off to another Monday class, and sadly two of the newer trucks I was hoping (and had said) would be there weren’t. That’s not to say I went through the afternoon hungry; a couple other special things I wanted to explore were still present.

            First off, I found Emconada has started selling a “Chilean-style Hot Dog,” loaded with quite a few things. Of course I had to try it out on a good sampling day, and it seems that came sooner than expected.


            Selling for $5.50 each, this plump little puppy is topped with fresh avocado, tomato “relish” (just chopped big with some flavorings I think), a Srirachi Sauerkraut, and Chipotle Mayonnaise. Basically put, every single one of these are BIG, Intense flavors, to the degree I was worried if they’d compete and battle with each other. But each one is able to stand out, compliment the other, and fill our mouth with a nice explosion of different flavors and textures; I love the sour cabbage with the bright spiciness, then the creamy avocado and mayo to rich it out. And of course the Dog holds up underneath it all.


            Oh, and they’ve been sampling little chips of their product lately… it might have been the seafood, but I think it was the chicken, either way it tasted good.


            And I’ve been wanting to get this for quite a while, Topolo Taco has added Mexican-style Corn on the Cob to their menu about a month or so ago. God I have been wanting to try this kind of corn for SO long, and am so happy Topolo released some!


            For those who don’t know what it is, Mexican-style Corn Cob basically involves taking the cooked ear, spreading it with Mayonnaise (it acts like butter, but doesn’t melt so easily, plus different flavor), squirting some lime on top and sprinkling with spicy Mexican seasoning and a good dry Queso Blanco (or Parmesan if you don’t have, which I think they used… it works just as well). It… is… delicious. The corn is juicy and sweet (they had the delicious sweet-corn that was in season), the flavors pop out, it’s fresh and rich and oh-so-good. For an extra something, I also squirt a little of their green Ancho Pepper Salsa for a little extra something (I suggest you do the same).


            And look at this fella; it’s just corn on the cob, with the husk and end still on. The travelability of this is simply at the top; hold the bottom and go. If worried about spillage and stuff, I would suggest wrapping a bit of the paper around the “handle” and keeping the rest sort of scooped out underneath the lobe. Other than that, the only thing I have on the negative is that, as with all corn on the cob, it would have been better grilled directly (the actual corn, not with husk covering) than roasted; but I don’t blame them for not doing that. A small truck that needs to cook this en-mass for customers beforehand so they get it quickly, as opposed the lengthy process of trying to grill on a tiny little flat-top either to order or not.


            Either way, definitely my new top-suggested item to get there, whether it’s for a meal or just for a snack. And hey, it only costs $3, go for it.

            That’s about it for my day out; I did see Greek Stop put in a new, fully-detailed and Pictured Menu. Much easier to read than the white board with thing lettering.


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