Sayo Foods and Co.


Main Location: Minneapolis, Etc

            It’s been over a year since I’ve last spotted, let alone heard from, Sayo Foods and Co. In fact, my very first (and at the time only) visit was during the premier of our now-annual Food Truck Fair in the summer of 2012. Since that time, the vibrant green truck seemed to have fallen off the map; I was recently just wondering if they had simply stopped, or possibly were taking residence in areas much outside my normal routes of travel and research.

            Then what do I see this Monday on my way to class, with no plans or expectations for mobile eating, but a distinguishingly different pattern in the typical ménage of the Truck Side Quilt. With most of a year of delay from giving birth and figuring out career path, the owner of Sayo has now returned to the streets!


            Though notable changes have taken place since the long delay, the main staples still revolve around Filipino cuisine. This mainly takes the form of Pulled Pork Asado and Pulled Chicken Adobo items, either sandwiches or, as seen a year ago, Tacos. Though one is quite likely to see other “influences,” such as various Latin items, Greek Gyros, even a Philly, and who knows what else. One major, and somewhat disappointing change, is their disclusion of the “side items;” my first experience seeing a trio of fried calamari, crab balls, and eggrolls. Though the Eggrolls have plans to come back, other cuts have been made; though what other additions and separations are to be made from here are a mystery.

            But for now, here’s wishing them luck in a new, full year in business on the Street!



Food: 8

             A year ago, I grabbed an order of the Pulled Chicken Adobo Tacos and one of those baskets of Crab Balls; however, despite my desire to attempt to relate them to you, I find the noted time difference and change in menu a little worrisome to review… not to mention they’re no longer there. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to settle for a delicious Pulled Pork (Asado) Sandwich.

             Piled on another one of the overly-popular pretzel buns, which from what I could tell did not get ANY toasting or criping up, sadly. The pork itself has quickly shot up to one of my favorites in its moisture retention and flavor, somewhat near where Racer’s Pork is at. Unlike others, which tend to suffer from the odd phenomenon of a “dry-ish” texture after all the pulling and piling together, Sayo’s meat shows little to no effect to give a nice sandwich base.

             Though of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t still top it with loads of sauce. And they do have quite the selection, seen here:


             From Left to Right: a simple, tangy BBQ sauce (I think they make it, but it tastes commercial… either way); … ketchup; what looks to be a very dangerous bottle of extra-spicy chili oil, or sauce, or whatever… either way, I suggest you run far away from it; Sirachi; homemade Phillipine Chili sauce; and mustard.   Definitely don’t need much to moisten and flavor up this fella, though I won’t stop you… definitely have to use that Chili sauce, because it is GOOD! Tangy and kitsy (another fake word, yes, but I don’t know what word to use to describe this) and rich, maybe zesty… mmm, get that and some of the BBQ on, found yourself an interesting new version of the Pulled Pork (or Chicken, I’m sure they’re both good).

Holdability: 6.5

            May depend on item, but I’d deposit to say that most sandwiches (the mains) will really need both hands to hold, thus sitting down; particularly the pulled meats. Though future Eggrolls, possible re-appearing Tacos, and current Gyro are likely to not be such an issue.

Price: 8

             All $8! Though I do remember the Tacos were originally offered as less than the sandwiches, so if they return it may be a better deal. Plus I doubt the eggrolls will cost so much, haha.


Speed: 8

             About average, touch faster with the simple items

The TOE: 6

             Well, they’re still developing, can still sort of see that; I never felt too “excited” with either of my visits. The menu is small, despite advertising in the Filipino concept they carry items that clearly shouldn’t be joining the others, but they’re still there… it still holds the feel of a beginning “catering truck” vs a full-fledged Food Truck.


                         Tally: 36.5/50


Final Thoughts

             I think I would suggest waiting a bit to let them develop and get back into the groove, readjust menu, all that before one actually visits.

             That said, once visiting, I would certainly go for anything of the Pulled Pork/Chicken Variety; the sandwiches are wholesome, though if they ever bring back Tacos or similar, they’re a more affordable option. Once on the menu, should definitely try the Eggrolls, especially as a small snack for sampling or on Food Truck Days.

            Oh, and I would probably ignore the Gyro, Philly, and other similarly odd-placed items; I’m sure they’re good, but as I’ve stated before I rarely ever suggest a Philly outside of the source, and I’ve found Gyros so difficult to fully differentiate in quality outside minor factors, so might as well get them from a place one knows does them properly and right.

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