Wednesday Rally after a break

         First, let me apologize for my absence this past week; with the Independence holiday ALONG with an intense Midterm on Monday I had to spend a week studying for, I haven’t exactly had much mental time to put reviews or things together.

         That said, it’s about time I update and recap on a few things I’ve noticed in my away time! Though I of course can’t give a full count on all the Truck-related events going on during the 4th (way too many, and again was busy).

           I still have yet to see any full review on how the 2nd Food Truck Fair went, though some facebook comments are quite enlightening. It seems despite the hopeful attempts and free admission (or possibly due to it), once again we see long, crowded lines and waiting. Consensus is high that they once again piled all the trucks in too tight an area, and need to either reduce these numbers or, better yet, spread the area out (like a “throughout Uptown” thing). I am thankful I did not have to witness it myself, and hope they’re able to try and improve the event even more the coming year. Oh well, though, at least no one had to waste money on the debacle (well, besides those wanting drink wristbands).


Gogi’s just added Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps to their Menu! Great idea for them, though they still serve the things in a damn giant styrafoam box…


          Moral Omnivore has got a fun, snazzy new menu design!


           And I just popped down to the Wednesday Lunch by the River! For those who haven’t attended it yet, their weekly line-up includes 128 Café, Fork in the Road, Gastro, Vellee, and Simply Steve’s (though they didn’t show on the day I went). All parked on Kellogg and Wabasha, the ORIGINAL Lunch-by-River location! Oh how nostalgic it was by that odd little cement triangle… so conveniently next to Rice Park too (not that there were many trucks there today).


         That’s about it, how was YOUR Food Truck experiences during the Holiday Week?

          Oh, and reviews for Lulu’s and 128 will be coming soon.

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