2013 Food Truck Fair in Uptown


            So of course, despite it being tomorrow, I don’t actually find out about the 2013 Food Truck Fair until yesterday. Once again, I need to figure out how to find these things out sooner… well, at least I liked their Facebook page, so I shouldn’t be caught with my pants down as far as future Fairs are concerned.

mn food trucks

            Now, away from my bitching and onto the actual event!

            Coming off a complete and utter disaster in their first Fair (which was last year), it seems the organizers this year have put some drastic changes into play. In comparison to the previously high-costing, area-confined, limited-houred, enormously-crowded ordeal beforehand, this year’s event (from what I can tell) is attempting to follow a similar formula to the “Art-a-Whirl” style (though not as huge and widespread). Completely Free and taking place from 3-8 tomorrow, the website claims to have the fair located “In Uptown.” It states to be taking place on Hennepin and Lake, though with the immense list of Vendors (and free entrance) I can’t imagine them confining themselves to an enclosed area.


            The actual Trucks and Vendors present are too many to list, and will be joined by a couple different Bands, our local Breweries and, same as last year, the Blue Door Pub, serving up their signature “Blucy.” Unlike last year, though, this year should yield a situation where people can actually try it without wasting half the time in line.


            God, I wish I didn’t have plans that day! And starting at 3 too… it was actually during last year’s Fair that I started taking the idea for this blog very seriously. I had always thought it’d be fun and someone needed to do it, but talks with people in line, as well as the many shared reactions to the Fair’s obvious flaws and hopes for next year, started pushing me into actually planning it out. So disappointing that I am unable to celebrate this important moment for me with what looks to be a highly successful change in style and quality.


            For those who can go, however, I wish you all the best luck and fun in this now-yearly celebration of our Mobile Culinary Culture! Though I may not be there in body, I shall of course join you in spirit!

            Don’t forget to report and tell me how it all goes either! Good Luck and Good Eating!