Eastern Menu Update


              Was taking a stroll after my recent exploration of Kabomelette’s offerings, and look what I spot! A recent little Menu Design change by Sushi Fix; isn’t it pretty? Not to mention a highly reduced and simplified offerings, along with a couple new items I believe, including something that’s basically Salmon mixed with spicy dressing and served over rice.

               Chatting over the new menu changes, I actually found an interesting update concerning the “temaki issue.” It seems the chefs behind the glass ARE willing to make customers any item they want; which is certainly a relief for those initially disappointed at items no longer on the outside menu. One just has to ask for it and hope they have the ingredients. Oh, they also tried giving me some weird excuse for not actually having Temaki on the menu; apparently if not eaten immediately, the nori or something else has a tendency of losing its “crispiness” and getting “soggy.” I myself think that if someone were to hand a customer food in a cone (that’s NOT in a basket or to-go box), and that person did NOT eat it immediately, then A: that’s a really weird person (I mean come on, who the heck holds a cone in their hand and doesn’t chow down?) and 2: it’s the person’s own damn fault. All Sushi would have to do is just remark “make sure to eat it now,” or market it like a “Sushi Ice Cream Cone,” and they’re golden. Well, either way, if there’s something you’ve been craving from the Sushi Truck for a while, we now have license to get it!

              My overall score of them, of course, will not change. Having the possibility of ordering something not on the menu does not make up for not actually having and featuring it on the menu. As far as the general, day-to-day crowd is usually concerned, the shown menu is what rules and influences all, and thus determines what is mostly ordered.

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