Hot off the heels of our own Food Truck Wars beginning, the Great Food Truck Race takes its show to Minneapolis! The Final 4 are setting themselves up at various spots throughout the weekend, and our own Trucks are planning on joining them! Each Location will not only have one of the competing trucks but a plethora of our own locals showing up at a later time. Dubbed “The Great Nordeast Food Truck Ambush,” may this have something to do with their as-of-yet unknown challenge, or is it just a fun gathering of flavor? Either way, I want to be there!

              If you want to check any of them out, Tikka Tikka Taco is at 612 from 12-8pm, and I already know Starlight Diner plans on crashing the little gathering. Aloha Plate is at Psycho Suzie’s today and Grand Ole Creamery tomorrow (10-6 at creamery). Samboni Boys at Indeed; apparently known as “Philly’s Finest,” is anyone else hoping for a showdown with Motley Crew’s? If only they weren’t at 612… And finally, SlideShow Truck will be selling in front of Lake Street Cheapo Records.

               So let’s all do our best to go down, fully Welcome these competing operations, and enjoy some unique Truck Food while we can! Good Luck and Good Eating to all. And yes, I know that this post is lagging much behind other blogs and pages; hope its still fun though.


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