Brava on Wheels


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Main Location: Minneapolis

                With a name indicative of known restaurant ties, Brava on Wheels has stated to only be a possible offshoot of She Royal. That’s about as much as we currently know about this big Black and Gold beauty, as the seeming delay in twitter, facebook, or any other website has left an information on them a mystery. Guess all we have now is their food and a name and design reminiscent of a Glee offshoot.

            Dishes and flavors seem to be Thai based, at least for now. These take the form of a couple sandwiches, rice bowls, a wrap and salad, each basically topped with some protein (Chicken most of the Time, but also offering one Fish and Lamb dish) and a Red Curry Sauce (they try making the distinction of a different “Brava” sauce in the sandwiches, but really it’s the same).



Food: 6.5

               As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve required dual visits to really get a sense of these guys, grabbing myself the Lamb Sandwich and Chicken Curry Bowl in subsequent attempts. What I found was two particularly different experiences in which to report on.

              The bun on the lamb wasn’t toasted, but it wasn’t unpleasant, in fact I really liked the ciabatta they used; soft and easy to bite through. I wish I could say this was the norm, but for some weird reason I kept seeing them handing out sandwiches with what looked like pretzel buns on my second visit. I know it wasn’t for something specific… both sandwiches on the menu said ciabatta, which is what I saw both fillings in too. It could be some unwritten possibility for people who had… some sort of eating requirement? Either that or they decided to just use something else for every other sandwich.

               Speaking of second-visit sammich differences, I’m glad to say they no longer served that bland, crappy coleslaw (sadly homemade); though the change to cheap, mass-produced ripple chips wasn’t too much of an improvement.

              The Lamb itself was pretty tasty along with the mild brava sauce, the cheese was done decently, and the fried onions were nice. I very much enjoyed the whole experience of it (sans coleslaw). Ironically, though, while the sauce did a decent job acting as a base there, its use in the actual Curry dish was highly disappointing; though it wasn’t the only thing.


               Can’t argue that they give you a lot, it certainly is impressive. It’s just too bad that girth mainly comes from the rice and vegetables. It looks like a decent amount of sauce at first, though one quickly discovers it’s not nearly enough for all the rice beneath it (like Cajun’s beans and rice).The squash and vegetable are decent on their own, with a nicely firm texture, but not too much flavor overall. And finally, the grilled chicken was dry and overcooked, even with the sauce around it.

               Though I can’t say this myself, I also hear that the spiciness level of the “extra hot” option isn’t too impressive either. Oh, and am I the only one who’s starting to get a bit bored with all the places making Hibiscus Punch or Lemonade or whatever? I know it’s good, but at this point… oh well, at least these guys have Glass Coke and Fanta!


Holdability: 8

                 Depends on the item, but overall it’s mainly just a two-handed requirement. The rice bowl is of course a bowl, but an easy one to walk and eat out of. I definitely want to make note of the Lamb Sandwich; at first glance, one can’t help but think sitting down is required… but it doesn’t. Amazingly, I found I could eat this with one hand (basket in the other) while walking with only minimal pieces of meat falling out, my teeth cutting through the bread and meat easily. You know if they just wrapped this in foil and served as-is it’s be a pretty good Street item.

                Something odd, the Chicken Curry Wrap is a naturally great Walk-around alternative to a rice bowl, usually using chickpeas to replace the starch. But for some reason though on every order, after wrapping it tight in foil, they then proceed to move to a paper bag… sort of defeating the whole purpose.

Price: 8

               Well, not much to say, price is same as the score at $8 for every item. Though quality can’t always be said, they definitely give you a lot for the price.


Speed: 7

               Seems to be dependent on rhythm and what time one gets in. Sometimes it can be average or a bit faster, other times it can be pretty darn slow, either when waiting behind multiple tickets or alone (read about someone who had 10 minutes for a single order of Curry).

The TOE: 5

              This really sucks, the name and design becken you in nicely, ya start getting the feeling this is potentially something fun, and then… yeah. At the very least, the menu DOES have a common point between items, that thai curry thing, but then one reads all the menu items and just gets… well, not bored. But it all just has this feeling of the generic, the unexciting, I can’t think of anything that jumps out and just says “HEY! Get me! This is why you should be coming here every week!” I know one item is good, but there’s none of that “special” feeling, that little “extra” something that all the good places have. Maybe they just need time, need to get a few more curries and work on improving the food outside of something one would find in a regular Thai-based café.


                          Tally: 34.5/50


Final Thoughts

            Mainly good for when one wants a decent amount of lunch for $8. As for what to get, if they actually do decide to visit (I mainly say wait it out and hope they improve in a couple months), the Lamb Sandwich has proven a notable high point in the list. Though I wouldn’t suggest any of the chicken dishes, if one is looking to get that Thai/Curry experience from a Food Truck, the Chicken Curry Wrap looks to be a fun little version (very much like what Indian is doing). And hey, the chicken might not always be overcooked.

            When not requiring portability… I find myself still curious about the Tilapia Curry Bowl. It could be interesting, but considering certain other missteps, I’ve very dubious on whether or not it’s worth it. Though I guess that’s my overall thoughts of this place anyway.

12 thoughts on “Brava on Wheels

  1. i ordered the braised short rib burrito which was supposed to come with green zuchini, yellow squash, whit rice and the short ribs. The burrito had not one vegie, three shavings of meat .02 of an ounce, and all white rice, it was the worst unless you want a white rice burrito.

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  5. I have enjoyed everything I have gotten so far from this truck – short rib sandwich (that’s what comes on the pretzel bun), short rib bowl (sounds like, unlike burrito, lots of veggies, meat and flavor), and for the first time (finishing it up now) the lamb sandwich. Short rib bowl is my favorite and totally a once-a-week must-have!

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