Another Day of Stuff

            I don’t normally write about “food truck days” in general twice in a row like this, but my second venture this week was somewhat interesting, sooooo… here it is!

            My first thought of the day centered around this idea that I can’t help but remark upon, these interesting little additions over the past year of… well, what should I call them… “Event Trucks” seems to fit best. Instead of trying to describe, let me purely show:


            This is “Sandy’s Grill and Italian Ice,” its menu filled purely with hot dogs, burgers, and other concession fair. These are NOT handmade, not adorned with seasonal fair, really not “special” in any sense to separate them from the crowd. This is a truck designed, much like various places found at the State Fair, to serve the general populace with basic needs as opposed to the Foodies and other culinarily-psychotic.


            On a personal note, I do not carry these kinds of mobile operations within the same category as other Food Trucks, and as such I just can’t bring myself to do a review on these particular places. As such, readers can expect me not to do a review on the Little Red Wagon on Nicolette, various Mini-Donut trucks, and even this newcomer which prompted my talk on the subject.


            I actually debated doing a full review on Kona Ice, cuz it is sort of fun and has that whole “specialization” aspect that many good trucks do. And as a sno-cone place it’s pretty cool! A really good variety of flavors, with specials like Coffee and Mint Mojo (I’m pretty sure it’s designed like the sauce and not just named that for fun…); the best part being the spouts are all outside so you can make your own!


            It was a tasty little treat on a hot day. Alas, I can’t help but see this as a place that bases its businesses off of big birthday/block parties, kid events, and other such fairs. So no full-blown review for Kona… though if I DID review it, I think the scores might go as such…


            Food: 7 – Hold: 9.5 – Price: 10 – Speed: 9.5 – TOE: 5 – Total of: 41/50


            Cupcake to Go has new decals and offers Macaroons now! In that same topic, Moustachio’s menu is chalk full of non-dog items… which is sorta sad, I like their wieners… the brats ain’t too bad either (ba-dum ching!)


             Another new truck is discovered, Jake’s Street Grille; but I stopped by Hot Indian Foods and Brava again and officially scratched them off my list. Reviews should be done soon hopefully.


              On that note, I do have to remark the interesting number of trucks popping up that I find I need more than one visit to review. Both Starlight’s and Brava’s menus don’t fully connect to their mission like other trucks, Lulu’s menu is horrifyingly large and varied, and a few BBQ/Grill trucks seem to have arrived. And as anyone who knows about BBQ can tell, one does not judge based off of single items with these places.

           Oh well, guess I’ll be “working” pretty hard throughout the summer to get these fellas rounded up for you.


            One last thing! I know it has nothing to do with Food Trucks, but my travels led me to Uptown and I finally stopped at Glam Doll Donuts! Had to get the signature, and I was so happeh.


            Wonder if they’d consider opening a Food Truck…

2 thoughts on “Another Day of Stuff

  1. PJ Fiske, the owner of Kona, left a reply comment in response to my visit! Normally I would gladly approve it, but it was a REEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY LONG reply, so I thought I’d just sum it up for readers instead!
    Along with selling their shaved ice, most of their events involve partnering with schools, communities, Farmers Markets, etc, and a portion of their profit (that portion has reached 11million) goes back to the community and other charitable endeavors. That philanthropy is a big part of who they are.
    He also thought my 7 rating for Food was amusing, as “I” chose my flavors; in my response, the rating had nothing to do with the actual flavors, but the overall quality of the syrups and ice itself as compared to other foods on the strip. Plus, again, it wasn’t in-depth.
    Though apparently they have over 29 other flavor combos and can source 130 different flavors for future reference.
    If he’s reading this, I would like to thank him very much for giving me such a full detailed and insightful reply to his operation! I wish him all the best of luck and continued success!
    That’s about it ^^

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