Fun Finds on a study day

           An afternoon of classmate studying led me to downtown Minneapolis early yesterday, and with it a few interesting finds for myself.


            First off let me say, this is the first time I’VE ever seen such a turnout of Trucks parked along 2nd. Considering all the new trucks coming down (which is who seemed to fill that street up), this may be a great new, solid aspect to our downtown scene, not to mention less of a concern when it comes to those trucks attempting to vie for various spots.


            Being hungry as I was, my stomach didn’t want to wait for me to make my decision. Lucky for me, another 2 new trucks (for me at least) sat parked along Marquette. I myself decided to go to both of them. Sadly, reviews of these will have to wait; neither Truck’s menu were ones which I felt confident in getting a complete “feel” of with just one item.

            Amusingly, both Starlight Diner and Brava on Wheels look like pure offshoots of other restaurants. Of course, they aren’t… made for an awkward-feeling moment when I asked…


            I didn’t stick purely to the new, though. Stopping by a now-favorite, Motley Crew’s, for a bit of conversation and a chance to finally try their signature Funky Philly. With it, a bit of a revelation was given… they actually DO toast their buns! I was shocked! I so couldn’t tell from my first visit, with that giant cascade of cheese and sauce loading the chicken grinder. So, I’ll be quickly updating the actual review for that.


            As for the Philly, I certainly stand by my original premonition of its quality. Surprisingly, it’s not AS messy and loaded as their Chicken, so I could actually eat it while walking with little issue, but it’s still gooey and tasty and good. So sad, though, their “Ex-husband’s Nuts” were sold out; I was looking forward to those almonds!

            Oh well, I apparently need to come back again to try their new COLD Chicken Sandwich, so I’ll get them whenever that happens.

            Good luck and good eating.

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