Taco Taxi




Main Location: Minneapolis, Markets, Fairs, etc

              With two big, yellow trucks under their name, one seeming to take consistent residence in their Lake Street Kmart location, Taco Taxi hit the street to much acclaim a couple years ago. Not much has slowed down their quickly growing, intense fan base, despite even a lack of twitter or other location updating.

            Their kitchen filled with traditionally-prepared and flavored cuts of Asada, Pastor, and other meats, the Taxi takes these ubiquitous mixes and slings them on top of the masa tortillas for our Taco consumption. Burrito and Quesadilla versions are also offered, but that’s about it. They stick purely to the tortilla-enveloped fillings, only peddling out basic beverages (though, with a traditional Mexican cart, that also means Jarrito sodas).


Food: 9

            Any place that uses Masa tortillas can’t be so bad now can they? (well, maybe Sassy… but that was everything ELSE)

           The fillings are fantastically flavored; SO disappointingly, they did not have any more Cabeza (Beef Cheek) when I visited, which I so wanted to try. Oh well, that proves how good it is. Went for a Pastor (Pork) and Asada (Steak) instead; of course with “onion-tomato-cilantro,” as all Tacos should be gotten with. The meat itself is all tender, all juicy, with a very tasty, semi-spicy glaze. A squirt of lime on top, and one has a very traditional, very delicious taco right in the palm of your hand (or plate).

           And since I’m guessing they use the same fillings for their Burritos and Quesadilla, this particular bliss on the taste buds is sure to transfer over to them as well.


Holdability: 6.5

            Well, they load the tacos up pretty well with the fillings, thus overflow is more than just a possibility. They DO practice the “two tortilla” rule, which is fantastic, only… it’s not quite as successful here. For whatever reason, the tortillas stick together a bit, so when one attempts to separate it just ends up tearing, forcing us to use both at the same time. Add this to serving the tacos on a cheap paper plate, and the idea of travelling continues to reduce further in comparison to other Taco Trucks.

           Burritos and Quesadillas should provide better options for walking and containment.


Price: 9.5

            An amazing price for tacos, setting at $2 per taco; and with Burritos and Quesadillas at $8, one could spend the same amount for 4 separate, differently-filled tacos. Considering how much they fill these suckers up, it creates quite the deal, as to be expected by the traditional Mexican background.


Speed: 9

            Though not as “instantaneous” as other trucks, the wait was noticeably quicker with the simple manufacturing. Not sure how this would translate exactly with Burritos and Enchiladas, though I expect the wait would still be anything but lengthy. When done ordering from the Tiny Window slit, they can move over to the OTHER tiny window slit, just a foot away, for Pickup.


The TOE: 9.5

           A very traditional, well-known Food Truck formula; I always find it hard to even think about this separate little world without picturing a small group of guys like these, just handing out plates of simple, delicious tacos out of some tiny van. The Taco Taxi easily brings up the same feelings as one might experience walking down the Street of an old Mexican villa, a taco stand providing lunch for the day. All wrapped up in a shiny yellow Taxi décor. I’m not sure what else more I can contribute to this, it simply is what it is: a Food Truck.

                      Tally: 43.5/50


Final Thoughts

            When one can find it, definitely an ideal Truck for all situations; Foodies, those needing something filling, taking back to office (Quesadilla), low on cash or taking part in a “Food Truck Day” (multiple stops, always fun! Make a complete meal out of it all!), etc. I can definitely see why Taxi has garnered such a wide reputation already, and am looking forward to how this may grow in the near future.

            Tacos are of course a must, especially since they allow one to try the various proteins. If looking to spend $8, I would certainly suggest just getting 4 different tacos from here for a really fun and filling lunch. If needing something more portable for a walk-n-munch, though, definitely NEED to get a Burrito; tacos usually need to some sitting. Not sure how the Quesadilla is, but with these fillings, I’d say it’s one of the better in the cities.


            As far as the fillings go, there really is very little factors to differentiate quality between the various meats. It’s mostly based on personal preference. However, I still hold my opinion, and I think everyone who goes here HAS to get the Cabeza Cheek Meat! Cheek is ALWAYS an amazing and flavorful cut, and so rarely seen in most places. Though I’m not quite sure what differentiates the Cabeza “Beef” and Cabeza “Cheek”… maybe it’s just a way to trick those who don’t pay attention to the Spanish name, haha.  

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