Art-a-Whirl 2013!!


           The 18th annual Art-a-Whirl is this weekend, heralding in an onslaught of open galleries, set-up tents, artwork demonstrations, bands, and, yes you guessed it (I am reporting it after all), Food Trucks.

            Completely taking over the entire Nordeast area of Minneapolis from Friday to Sunday (times listed on websites), this event highlights a wide patchwork of our many local artists and businesses, displaying their lives and work in nearby parks and studios, while at the same time celebrating their many efforts and graces around the bar scene. To make any attempt in even a semi-complete description of what this weekend means, as well as their many scheduled events and studio openings, would only end up as a complete failure and a pure form of insult towards the obvious hard work and long hours put into this huge, complexly varied weekend.


            As such, for those who are still unaware and/or would like to learn more about this weekend, here are a couple useful sites. Besides event listings, the main website for Art-a-Whirl also contains a detailed area map with highlights on studios, restaurants, information booths, etc. I very much enjoy the Facebook listings, they highlight some really fun events (I am so going to hit those glass-blowing demonstrations they listed!).


            With such a large, locally advertised event such as this, one can likely expect our gang of Trucks to be out in full force, lining the various streets around these soon-to-be trafficked areas. And, if for some reason this thought holds untrue, the scene downtown should at least be clogged the hours before to catch the Lunch traffic as many get ready to traverse this maze of local exhibits.


            There is one thing I do know, originally brought me to look into the coming weekend, that being the official parking of two of our more update-quiet mobile operations: The Waffle Van and Taco Taxi. I myself have been searching intently to try both of these trucks for a long time; it almost feels like there’s a little War between me and Waffle. But with both of them parking at Casket Art’s Indoor Gallery(, basing from Franconia Sculpture Park’s City event, us Minnepolis-based Foodies finally get the chance to pounce on both of them at once. For me, the only question now is WHEN they’ll be there… from the facebook post, one would assume all 3 days, full-time. However with my past history of Waffle Van, one can never be too sure if they’ll actually stick to these schedules. Friday is most likely a surety, though I may have to take the risk and attempt the rest of the weekend.


            Well, I’d go on, but that would just be a bunch (well, a bunch MORE) of random rambling I’m sure none of you want to listen to. So I’ll wrap with this: for the many artists and bands on display, Thank You for all your work, I speak for many when I say we look forward to seeing you this weekend. To the many people able to go down this Weekend, have fun and enjoy yourselves fully. And to everyone, Good Luck, and Good Eating!   


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