Scolding is Sometimes Needed

             So, I’ve been gone ten days and what do I hear? And don’t try to hide and pretend you were good with this little day of warmth and sun, we both know what you’ve been up to while I was gone. You were SUPPOSED to get dressed and be ready for Spring, but nooooooo, YOU decided to throw a little temper tantrum and not do your work.


            Think I wouldn’t find out about the 13+ inches of snow you laid down in Redwing? Or acting up and spreading those little fits of wet snow? No, don’t even apologize Minnesota, I’ve heard it too many times before; in March, and April… year after year. We’re not angry, but we’re very disappointed at you… keeping a lot of people from enjoying the outside like they should, and a lot of Food Trucks from the street.


           Well, are you done? Gotten all of it out of your system and ready to calm down for a bit? Good. Now go over there, sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done for a while, and if you’re good we can go play outside. I might even buy you something from a Food Truck if I feel generous, they’re finally able to come out.  

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