SFC: Playing with your Food

We had some ravioli for dinner a couple nights ago, which lead as it usually does to leftover ravioli. It was the kind that looked like a mini flying saucer, or possible a fried egg turned into pasta; wide, very flat, tempting you to fling it like a frisbee if it weren’t for the messy sauce still on it.
Since then, I’ve been doing a bit of subconcious brainstorming, seeing if there was a way to turn leftover ravioli into an interesting Street Food item. Obviously, this isn’t something that could be easily approached with the smaller, compact, higher quality ravioli (besides skewering and deep-frying), but a wider, pasta-focused style could lead to something interesting. In particular, the shape almost reminded me of those japanese sticky-steam buns. You know, the ones they put pieces of pork belly and other goodness in for a little sammich.
So I tried it myself. The filling for this ravioli was shrimp and seafood, so I kept it simple; shredded some celery and put in a few slivers of date (it worked surprisingly well with the other flavors). Now, since our leftovers already had sauce on it, it was a bit sticky… but if you left it dry and separated when putting away (remember, do not let un-dress cooked pasta store together, the starch on the sourface makes them stick together). At the end maybe get a very similar holding texture to those sticky buns along with a little package of flavor. Could even steam them to re-heat.

What do you think? Any other fun ravioli or pasta leftover ideas pop up?