Look what I Found!!

fulton beer fest

Quick post before I head to bed. Just happened to spot this little flier on AZCanteen’s Facebook page, and I am officially intrigued. Far as I can tell, Fulton is now introducing a whole new monthly event into our Food Truck City culture, and the very first gathering is this Saturday. As this information is hot-off-the-press new, there is very little to no data around the net for me to pull from. Thus, I don’t know if the Trucks for this event will always be the same or shift month to month (though good chance it’s the latter).

Our first group, as the flyer dictates, shall thus be the recently-returned AZCanteen, 1-year veteran Midnord Empanada, and the new kid on the block Cafe Racer. The actual gatherings will be taking place DURING the Twins Game, so Fest-goers be wary of parking and traffic (not to mention the crowds this is likely to pull).

I’ll have to consider schedule and weather myself for going, but don’t let my absence or fear of mobs stop you (there are much more rational, sober reasons for that!)

Good luck and good eating.

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