So, there be a new little operation called “ARTCRANK” that will be hosting its opening party on the 6th of April. Far as I can tell, the actual operation is an Art-focused place centering around Posters with a little encouragement in the bicycle-riding community. Please don’t quote me on this, though, as I’m just basing this off of their twitter.

             The important thing to consider, though, is the opening night. Going from 5-11pm at the Grain Belt Studios, they will be featuring 6 different Food Trucks. A few of my favorites will be there, such as Chef Shack, Potters, and Natedogs, along with one that I apparently need to return to for a re-review, Sassy Spoon.

             Hopefully I’ll be able to make it, and you will too. Until then, enjoy the fantastic new weather we’re having, and good luck to all you Foodie’s and other Truck Hunters out there. Viva la Revolucione! (probably spelled that wrong… ahh who cares)

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