Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed


                Our cities, our states, our economies are all founded, at one point in time, by small businesses of one sort or another. These are the local places, the family places, the places filled with good neighborhood people working hard to deliver a quality product for the rest of us nearby.

                This is an idea that hits me hard, especially considering how much our local Food Trucks tends to fit into this category of business. And this April 20th (a Saturday), from 10am to 7pm, these and other Small, Local businesses are being celebrated, displayed, and supported in the “Hamms Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed”  event.


                Taking place at the old Hamm’s Brewery, the large area is going to be filled with a plethora of different local vendors, from clothing and apparel to soapmakers to chocolate, and everything in between. Some of our favorite Trucks shall of course be stationed for our dining pleasure, including Gastro and Messy G’s (more to come I’m sure); but really it’s about our community, and about supporting all our neighbor’s in whatever way we can.


                By supporting, we mean that up to $5000 worth of ticket sales will go to one lucky vendor to help in their business. Tickets themselves only cost $10, which I don’t think is much for an afternoon of fun browsing, talking with the various owners, and finding new and fun local entrepreneurs we haven’t heard about yet.

                I think it’s a great little event to participate in, with such variety everyone is sure to find something fun to do and/or eat. To learn more, check out the link I posted, I’ll admit they explain the whole concept on their site much better than I do in a small post. I’ll certainly be sure to buy a ticket myself; hope I can see some of you there as well.

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