SFC: My Italian Sandwich

              The Grilled Cheese has seemed to become one of the most ubiquitous and popular items on Food Truck menus. Home Street Home, Fork in the Road, and R.A. Mac Sammy’s all seem to have their own special version lauded by the many customers. It’s certainly no wonder, though; it’s crispy, buttery, nostalgic, a gooey-melty pile, yet despite all that cheese it is somehow the easiest sandwich to eat with your hands ever. I’ve been waiting to try my own special version lately, and got my chance this afternoon.


            We just recently bought this loaf of “Honey-Sunflower Seed Italian Bread,” of which we still had half leftover from the Spaghetti Dinner last night. Soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make some really good sammich from it (I know that’s not grammatically correct, and I don’t care, I want sammich). The question is, what to fill it with?

            The answer: Fried Spaghetti.


            For those of you who don’t know what Fried Spaghetti is, time to celebrate; this is by far the best way I’ve found to use any leftover spaghetti noodles and sauce. Extremely simple too: take some butter, melt it in a warmed-up sauté pan, and then just toss in the leftover spaghetti (mine had pieces of sausage and veggies in too, so it was even better). Toss around, and just cook until it’s warm again and all that extra buttery goodness makes your spaghetti shine. The end product is just soooo good and bad for you, you can really taste the butter in the now-oily/concentrated tomato sauce. Seriously have to give it a try next time you have spaghetti.

            Well, back to my lunch; we take the sliced bread, butter the sides like we usually do. For cheese I used Swiss, since I didn’t have Mozzarella (until of course someone got back from the store an hour later with a whole log of it… of course), but I actually found that unique tanginess went pretty well with the buttery-cooked tomato pasta.


            Top with the recently-fried spaghetti, a sprinkle of parm and another cheese slice on top, then move back to your just-used spaghetti pan to griddle. No need to waste all of that spaghetti-enriched butter still coating the bottom.


            I always find it amusing how, whenever you start these sort of sandwiches they’re all tall and wobbly, yet somehow by the end they get pressed flat and succinct (with the help of your handy-dandy spatula of course). At the end, it cut nicely, and ate even better; all that good grilled swiss flavor on a slightly different wheaty bread, with that extra addition of sausages and Italian stuffing. Gotta admit, it was quite the Grilled Cheese, I hope you have the chance to try it yourself sometime.


            Until then, I’ll have to figure something else out to do with lefotvers.


What’s your favorite Grilled Cheese Fillings? Do you have any restaurant/truck that you just like the best for it?

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