SFC: That Old Dumpling Thing

                Alright, got those dumplings figured out and done; got them turned into a sandwich. I’d really love to fill them, however the dumpling itself has a tendency to expand noticeably during the boil. As such I’d just end up with a lot of dumpling and a tiny filling; would have to go really big to get a decent proportion, and by that point it’s no longer Food Truck-reminiscent.

                Here’s a quick, easy recipe for them:

Chicken Soup Dumplings

2 cups flour

2-3 tsp Baking Powder

½ tsp salt

2 eggs, beaten

2/3 c milk

Combine all


                Pretty simple. Adjusting the baking powder will change the structure depending on preference; adding more will make it “fluffier,” but at the same time it’ll break up a lot more during the boil. I like keeping to lower amounts for Bun purposes. I also thought I’d try adding a little more egg on this batch, but it just ended up tasting like an egg. Would be really fun if you were making a breakfast sausage patty with melted cheese sorta thing, but otherwise don’t do it.

                Drop these into boiling liquid; whatever size is up to you. As I said though, these WILL expand noticeably when boiling, so think of desired size and hold back a little. If we were doing this for soup, I’d boil about 12 minutes; however, they get sticky, and I need to be able to hold them.


               So I cook them about 4-6 minutes, let them get their size sort of set first. Take out, let drain, and transfer to a Parchment-lined sheet, covering them with some melted butter; can sprinkle on some salt, sesame, celery seed, etc if you want. Move them to a 375F oven for about 15-20 minutes; this will finish the cooking process while keeping the outside dry (well, except for the butter).


                If you want them to be brown on top, you will have to flip them over halfway; they color more on pan contact than open-air. After taking out, we are ready to build. Lucky me, I happened to have some cooked Turkey Breast leftover for dinner, so I piled that on top of a bit of torn lettuce, a bacon-wrapped deli ham, and to finish a little bit of cranberries we had alongside it as well. Sort of a twist on a club, though the buns sorta remind me of those Asian Steamed Buns.


              Since the ones I made were small, I just used two different pieces for a top and bottom; again, just make sure the bottom piece is bigger (see Beer Bread). Oh, and these dumplings don’t “grip” the food as well as others, so don’t stack things that one has troubles biting through cleanly; learned that with the turkey.


Do you have any other fun Make-shift sandwich Buns?

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