They’re Here!


A few weeks ago, I posted a simple response to the meeting of the “Downtown Food Committee” in order to discuss New Food Truck ordinances. I won’t go into my feelings again, it would just end up a long and angry ramble, but you can find my post (with links to other articles on the subject) Here.


Near the end, I made mention of the future possibility of a “Food Truck Association,” the idea being looked into by John Levy from AZ Canteen. If successful, a group like this wouldn’t just allow new Truck Foodies a place to easily find and follow the various members of our new culture. It would also create a way in which they could band together against attacks such as those launched by the Downtown Food Committee. Laws and ordinences, where they plan to park, Truck advertising plans, even new Trucks trying to get into the scene can find help and benefit through a Group like this.

Now, what do I see in my semi-weekly sweep of the local Truck Tweets on Roaming Hunger? 


It is OFFICIAL. Not only do the Twin Cities have an ever-growing army of Food Trucks, but we now have our own Association for it. This is a great day in our Cities’ Culinary History, and I can’t wait to see what may come of this.

I certainly wish them the best of luck, and hope that everyone reading this follow their twitter and help in their support.

Normally I might make a lame plug to follow my new twitter account too, but I doubt I’ll use it that much, haha.


So what are your thoughts on this new Association? I

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