Finished at Last!

            FINALLY I have caught up with all the Food Trucks I’ve eaten!! After two long months of writing 4-5 reviews each day, waiting for them to get edited (which I would like to thank my mother and sister for very much in taking the time out of their busy days to do), correcting and going through the slow process of posting (well, slow for me… still not that much of a computer guy).

            And now I’m here! 38 trucks recorded, and I can take a breather to relax before the spring season. Will certainly be a bit easier to only do one review at a time, and I’m sure those following my blog will enjoy not having to put up with the random onslaughts of the Group Posting.

             So for now, my focus can turn once more to schooling, work, and the occasional rant (of which there shall be many until the Truck Season hits… and then possibly even more). Look out for my soon to come out “Top Ten” list for all the Trucks up until the end of 2012’s season. I’m getting excited for what can be to come, and for once it’s not in the creepy way.

           Have a lovely rest of your days and weeks my random readers.

            Until next time, I shall end this message in the words of a Chef Manager of mine when our restaurant was featured on the local news.


            Stay Classy Minnesota

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