Trinh Bahn Mi


Main Location: St. Paul

            A Vietnamese catering experience, Trinh serves up Bahn Mis and specialty drinks. Sticking to traditional sandwich offerings, all proteins are simple and dressed with the basic Bahn Mi garnishes of pickled vegetable, jalapeno, cilantro and cucumber. All of this is then stuffed along the standard Bahn Mi rice flour baguette.

            Along with a sandwich, one can also purchase a very well known and popular Asian drink: Boba Tea. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, or others who still aren’t sure exactly what it is, here’s a fun little lesson.

            First off, Boba can involve any real non-alcoholic drink, though most popular are smoothies, fruit juice and tea. These are then filled with large, cooked, black tapioca pearls. The top of the cup is covered in a plastic film, which is done to order with a special machine, and then stabbed through the middle with a large, wide plastic straw. As one drinks, the pearls are sucked through the straw alongside the drinks to be chewed and enjoyed.


            The pearls have a unique, special kind of chewy texture, similar to a marshmallow or, for those familiar with them, mochi (Japanese rice cakes). The very center is a little firmer though, providing an almost al dente bite. Trinh focuses on smoothies, providing a few fruit and simple asian-style flavors. I had green tea.


Food: 8

             Very properly done. The baguette has the right crisp and soft textures, vegetables are fresh and flavorful. The meat is tender and flavorful. When I went, I had the hot pork, which was a very enjoyable bahn mi experience. It’s not the best bahn mi as far as Food Trucks go, but there is no “poorly made” part about it. Simply lacks any extraordinary properties.


             Boba drinks are very refreshing and tasty; the flavors come out well, and the Tapioca is a fun thing to chew. Great on a cool day as a little treat.

Holdability: 10

            Bahn mi’s are one of the perfect street foods for a reason, holding with one hand being key. One can easily buy both a sandwich and boba, then walk and enjoy at the same time.

Price: 7

            Average prices, nothing too outstanding in any regard.

Speed: 7

          Handled decently. Boba teas can take a while to make, as they have to blend it by scratch on every order AND they only seem to have one blender… an odd choice. Sandwiches are quicker.

The TOE: 5

         Doing street food well, the Boba Tea acts in a very similar manner as Toe Rings, though not as much. Other than that, the place feels less like a Food Truck and more like an Asian Deli. In fact, I might suggest they try different ways of displaying the menu besides a whiteboard and brightly colored paper. It doesn’t really beckon people from afar to want to investigate.


Service: -2.5

         Remember my score subtraction on the Rusty Taco? Same basic thing happened when I visited Trinh and they had a long line. What’s worse is that it was at the Canterbury Food Truck Event, so they should have known more employees would be needed.

                        Tally: 34.5/50

Final Thoughts

            Great for when looking at a quality, easy-to-hold item, and/or if you’re craving some cold drink or treat to enjoy. If there are other Bahn Mi selling Trucks around, best to ignore Trinh and go for the better. But if not, these are still a GOOD option.

            Flavors are very basic, so it’s literally whatever meat you best enjoy. I personally prefer the pork with Bahn Mi’s; they have hot and cold, go for hot.

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