Rusty Taco


Main Location: Minneapolis

             Another Food Truck extension of a local restaurant, much to my surprise; I didn’t even realize until seeing the Truck in a parking lot, then realizing the business’ name was the same as their own!

            Rusty offers a list of 12 different tacos to suit whatever taste you have. From Steak to Fried Fish, Brisket to Shrimp, Beans to Pork, each taco is then topped with its own proper condiments. Pico de Gallo, Red Cabbage Slaw, Cilantro, Cotija are used often, but they aren’t on every taco. Many have their own sauce, special vegetable, or other item unique to itself or one other.


            With so many items, it is quite difficult to try and go through the many combinations (especially since I’m now getting a craving for the leftover Mexican food in the fridge right now). I’d say it’s best and most fun to view the menu itself when you visit, though I’ll be sure to mention a couple combinations below.

            Something to mention about the Restaurant, just in case the Truck does this when I’m not looking, is that it also offers 4 breakfast tacos. I doubt the Truck actually offers these in the earlier mornings, but if so it would be another aspect to consider.

Food: 8.5

            I’m really happy with the Tacos being made here. The tempura-fried Fish Tacos with Chipotle crema is crunchy and flavorful. Brisket is simply topped to allow the slow-cooked, spiced Beef to take Main Stage. Fried Chicken is brined for juicyness, topped with Jalapeno Ranch and Lime Coleslaw, pure comfort food turned Taco with great success.


            There are two main down points for me. The tortillas, which thank god are delicious Masa, don’t have the traditional double-stack, which is a bit surprising for an all-taco Truck. Secondly, the signature Rusty Taco, Pork-based is topped with Pineapple. I love pineapple, I understand the flavor with pork, but I still haven’t experienced a burger or taco that uses it well; still tastes weird.

             Now, if the pineapple was grilled with salt n pepper, then applied with a light hand, I think it would really act as a standpoint for all other places to use as an example of proper pineapple usage.

Holdability: 8.5

            Usually getting two tacos in a basket, two hands required. Thankfully, despite the lack of extra tortilla to catch, fillings stay in pretty easily, though fall-out should still be expected.

Price: 10

            I LOVE how Rusty does their selling. It’s about $7 for two tacos, a simple and reasonable price; though one I normally wouldn’t rate a 10 for. What Rusty does, however, with an order of any amount of tacos, is choose whatever menu items you want for either taco. This means you can get a Fish and Brisket, or just two Fish, or go into buying more tacos for even more diverse combinations.


            Also, though I would not suggest doing this often, they even allowed me to only buy a single taco, despite that not being an official menu option. They gratefully charged accordingly, so it allows a good option for those who want to sample only one item.

Speed: 10

            I am amazed every time I go here… with only two people in the kitchen, the Chefs are able to put these tacos together so fast that one doesn’t barely even have to wait. Instantaneous it is not, but compared to other preparation-based trucks it might as well be.

           It’s possible, though, this may be due to the fact that when I visited, they only had to work on one order at a time (read Service below to understand).

The TOE: 9.5

          Overall a really good Taco truck, Rusty does the idea of “large variety” in the proper way. Wrapping everything the same way and still placing high enough attention on every menu item to create easily debatable personal favorites. They actually remind me of the end of “5 Year Engagement” when the Jason Segal’s character, a Chef, opens his own Taco Truck… only theirs isn’t ambulance themed.

Service: 1

         The speed of the Chefs is very impressive, but on my first visit there the speed of the person taking orders… was exactly the opposite. The line moved incredibly slowly, and as I got closer I found the reason for it. This being that EVERY single time the girl finished punching in an order and taking the money, she would step away from the register and start doing something, leaving the next person in line to stand and wait for her to get back.

         Generally this was putting tortillas and nachos together for people, but there were other times that the person didn’t order any and she would still step away for… I don’t even know, looked like nothing. At the end of the day, this is one of things that certain Food Trucks need to learn; if you have so much business that your Cashier has to do things and take attention from the anxious people waiting in line (and it was a LONG line), then you need to bring in another person to do things. What that cashier was doing, no matter if it needed to be done or not, was simply plain rude to the customers.

          Now, that was when they just started, so it’s possible by now that things aren’t as bad when the line is longer. Plus, the Chef I ordered from on my second visit DID allow me to buy only one taco, so I’m not taking as much points off as I normally would.

                      Tally: 45/50

Final Thoughts

            A fantastic place if you need to get something fast (long line notwithstanding) and want to try a little menu variety. Every menu item is good, so the only difficulty may come in picking your favorite.

            Probably avoid the Rusty Taco, think the other combinations end up better. My personal favorites are the Fried Chicken and Fish, but they do good classic Beefs and Porks as well.

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