Marie Antoinette Crepes


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            Offering options along both the Savory and Sweet lines, Marie Antoinette’s has become a staple among many as an early morning Crepe stop. Crepe fillings are simple, with sweets pairing sliced fruit alongside chocolate-caramel-peanut butter sauces; nutella of course. Savory stay along the traditional lines of Ham n Cheese, Tomato-Basil, etc. Every once in a while there’s an interesting addition, such as Feta with the Tomatoes, or an herb-flavored sweet crepe.

            Folded into a large triangle and served in a paper basket with a fork, one can sit on an open curb and dig in (it’s what I did).


Food: 4

           The crepe itself isn’t too bad; a little eggier than the proper traditional, but it’s got a decent fluff to it and gives with the fork. Works well on either side of the Savory-sweet line.

           Fillings are unimaginative and given little real effort in preparation and cooking. Chocolate and other dessert sauces taste pre-made and from a bottle… then again that’s cuz most of them are. Other ingredients are simple, without offering any real extra qualities. This leaves combinations that are simply average in flavor and textures.


           Of course, one can never really complain when it comes to Nutella.

Holdability: 5.5

          Though easy to carry and walk around with, picking the crepe up with a hand is quite difficult to do easily. This due to heat, limpness, and the habit of fillings trying to fall out. As one is also only given a plastic fork that gives trouble in attempting to use when standing, this traditional French Street Food is best eaten while sitting. Quite the disappointment from the usual standards.

Price: 7

           Costs are okay, but with the quality of the food supporting it I don’t feel like it’s that much of a “deal.”

Speed: 8

           Crepe’s are a really fun street item in that, despite cooking from scratch, they don’t take that long to make. Plus, it’s always a fun show to watch them get spread, cooked and folded.


The TOE: 7.5

          Despite certain lacks in quality and effort, crepe stands emit that wonderful warm, homey feeling of that special visit to the French Storefront. The sight of the person standing behind the counter, swirling the batter around the hot stone, offering the unique smells and experience that only a creperie can create. I only wish that their ingredients could match the expectations of this long French tradition

                        Tally: 32/50

Final Thoughts

            Still a fun experience, and if you’re at a Farmer’s Market where they happen to be, it wouldn’t be too bad of a stop for lunch or a snack.

            Avoid the simpler items, the only one of any worth being Nutella (if you haven’t had a Nutella crepe, it’s like the French Chocolate Chip Cookie). Anything with special ingredients, in particular the Tomato-Feta could be worth a grab.


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