Sassy Spoon Truck


Main Location: St. Paul

             A holistic registered dietitian, Sassy Spoon owner Tamara opened up the truck to share her love for cooking while offering balanced, healthy, yet hearty Minnesota meals. “Wholesome food with attitude,” as they describe it; lately it seems this takes the part of asian flavors in the menu items. Examples of their offerings include Braised Beef w/ Mashed Cauliflower, Sweet Potato Hash Browns w/ Fried Egg, Wild Rice Salad, and Soy/Mirin Meatballs or Pork with Ginger Slaw. Daily, only two or three of their menu options are made available, though this may increase at events, written on blackboard.


            With that particular approach to natural and holistic, it’s not surprising that Sassy offers vegetarian options. Besides the Salads, the Hash Dish, which contains sausage, can also be made with Tempeh. A product made from soybean and, sometimes, grains, tempeh is used in quite a similar way as tofu, but with a much different flavor and texture. It’s certainly a product one should try whether vegetarian or non; a little richer, with a crumbly, chewable texture like cooked ground meat.


            All of this wrapped up in a giant, violently pink Truck.

Food: 7.5

            Simpler style of food, the slowly cooked meats are very rich, flavorful and satisfying. Egg on a hash brown is always a good combination, especially with sausage. The salads I haven’t had, but I would expect them to be pretty good versions of their style, though not something I would go for.

            I particularly liked the cauliflower mash; it’s a really nice substitute to potatoes. The positive flavor aspects come out well with the creamy additions.

Recently tried a Pork Taco. They use a really tasty Masa Tortilla, and the Ginger-Slaw was good(as expected from a nutrition-focused owner), but the Pork was disappointingly average in quality, sort of dry. So apparently there are some dishes one needs to watch out for.

Holdability: 4


            These are NOT dishes made to be carried. Everything shoveled into a to-go box with an ice-cream scoop. This is something one usually saves until they get to a bench or back to the office.

            They do have Devilled Eggs with Bacon that can act as easier walk-around eating for the travel-concious, and there is one occasion where they made a taco.

Price: 4

(Note: previously changed from a score of 3)

            Main drawback in my opinion. They charge way too much for their menu items, usually in the $9/10 range, and these are often for dishes that are only composed of some meat and a vegetable garnish in a bowl.

            The problem is that there is no real justification for this price. As a student of the culinary world, I know about costs for products and services, so I can tell you a couple things. 1: there’s no way that their food cost is any different than certain other trucks that are still selling complex items for $7-9 at most. 2: there is no way service cost should even come into play, as the most that ever needs doing is frying an egg or griddling some meat. Other than that all items are pre-made, kept warm or cold, and scooped into a box for the order.

             One could possibly argue that other trucks can afford selling for less since they have more business, however one of the reasons why a place usually has LESS is due to prices. Just a thinking point.

On a recent note, I have seen ONE $7 item, that being for a Taco made from a simple Pork and Slaw dish (Note, the original dish, which cost $10, was just the pork and coleslaw in a bowl).

Speed: 8.5

(Note: Previously changed from a score of 9.5)

             At the very least, wait is minimal, but with the recent change of cooking more things to order, it can vary by item. Main items it becomes a consideration are the hash, frying the egg, and the Pork dish, where they griddle the pork before topping with mounds of Slaw.

The TOE: 4

             I very much appreciate what Sassy is trying to do, and I still think the food is very hearty and delicious. The goal and focus of providing a Food Truck experience that is still well balanced and nutritious is not only a great goal, it provides that uniqueness and special quality that one searches for.

            However, the prices are too high, the food itself isn’t really suited to the Street in any sense, and many items feel like not only are they ripping you off, but are purposefully using the point of “nutrition” to avoid turning it into what could be a fantastic street food item (why don’t they put the Meatballs and Slaw in a sandwich? It makes so much sense, and makes so little when left alone in a bowl). Also, I personally don’t quite see what it has to do with the word “Sassy.” I feel like something is lost in the translation afterwards…

                       Tally: 28/50

Final Thoughts

            Here is my main suggestion for this Truck. Buy whatever menu item suits your fancy, take it back to your home/office, then eat it later for dinner or breakfast. It sounds fickle, but the prices work a little better when you consider it a different meal than lunch. Plus, the meat dishes heat up VERY well, and the salads will keep cold without much or any issue.

            If you really want to get food from them, look to see if they have any Devilled Eggs of a Taco. Easier to eat while walking, they’ll have just the same attention and as other menu items, cost less, and act as a really tasty snack.

8 thoughts on “Sassy Spoon Truck

  1. Hi Andrew!
    I am the owner of Sassy Spoon and i just found your awesome blog! Thank you so much for visiting my truck. I am looking forward to this season! In reference to the prices mentioned above, I just want to clarify that all food on my menu is $10 and under. Hope to see you at the Sass again. Got some great new items for this summer. 🙂

    • Definintely hope to come back again and try some more of your food! Soon as I see it for myself, I will certainly change my rating and description on your prices. Can’t wait for this season!
      P.S. Any way I can get a preview of these new items? 😉

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