Bloomy’s Roast Beef


Main Location: St. Paul

             The first time one visits Bloomy’s, they would swear that it was based off of an actual restaurant and diner somewhere. They would be wrong, however, just as I was. Bloomy’s is a one-of-a-kind, pure Food Truck, only selling classic Roast Beef Sandwiches and other diner sides.

            Using locally and quality sourced sirloin, Bloomy’s cooks it slow with handmade rub, slices, and uses it in a few simple and traditional sandwiches. Everything on the menu is made in house; they even smoke cheddar for their Longhorn and Jessica. The sides include Mashed Red Potatoes with Homemade Gravy (pure pan juices from the
steak), Mac n Cheese, and Purple Coleslaw.

             It’s all pretty simple and old-school, but that’s just their style.

Food: 8


             The Beef is very good, exactly that nice, meaty-garlicky flavor one expect in a properly made roast beef. Buns are soft, coming from a good local purveyor to wrap the sandwiches in a nice way. Gravy and Au Jus are made directly from the sirloin’s cooking juices, just how they should be, and come out rich and delicious. Smoking your own cheddar just creates this… oooohhh so good result.


            Mac and Cheese did not impress me that much; tasted very much like a regular side you would find in a KFC or other fast food place, maybe a little better. Makes me wonder how their other sides are. I’m guessing the mashed potatoes are still just as good as they sound.

Holdability: 4.5

             Individually speaking, sandwiches are a pretty good option for walking and eating. However, these are always served in a paper bag, so one has to try and dig in, get to the sandwich, still hold the bag while eating… Then, one has to deal with the fact the roast beef has a lot of residual heat to it, so it can be a bit tricky to hold. Then we have the sandwiches with peppers and dripping cheese on top, and that’s without getting to the French Dip, which should always be dipped in the au jus (thus, should be eaten sitting down).

            This is all before considering that the usual order is probably going to involve getting one of their sides in addition. This leaves to a result that can’t really be eaten on the street, unless one purely focuses on a “one at a time” strategy, which can still be difficult since you still have to hold the bag in one hand.

Price: 7.5

             Small, plain 1/4lb sandwiches are $5, with cheese or bacon costing $1 extra each. The larger, 1/3lb sandwiches with toppings are either $8 or $9. Sides are $2 each.

            All in all it’s a good range of prices as-is, but it can easily add up when purchasing toppings, sides, dessert, etc. Which, let’s face it, is hard not to do.

Speed: 9

           Everything being premade, sandwiches mainly just need compiling, maybe some melting of the cheese, and wrapping. Sides are all simple to place, as are desserts.

The TOE: 8.5

           I’m not actually sure how exactly I feel on this Truck. That traditional, homemade, quality feel of an old Roast Beef Diner really bring a lot of those qualities that one usually finds in a good Food Truck. Yet I feel that overwhelming Diner-ness also brings the Food Truck experience back a little bit. Think it’s safe to say that, currently, one should probably ignore this Truck’s rating and figure it out yourself. At the least, it has enough TOE to keep it in the proper, top end.

                       Tally: 37.5/50

Final Thoughts


            Your first visit should stay simple; sample the plain 1/4lb sandwich to see how you feel about the Roast Beef. Grab a side while you do; ignore the Mac and Cheese, go straight for the Potatoes with Gravy.

            If you find you like the beef, go back later and get one of the bigger sandwiches. Any of them look good, so go with whatever style you prefer (still need suggestion? French Dip, have it with that beautiful Au Jus). When a dessert is sought, I doubt theirs would not be satisfying, so go for it.

            Ultimately a good experience for a quick-grab, slightly-looser with the wallet lunch that will probably be brought back to an office or similar.

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